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  Asphalt by PunkGuy

Category Stone
Date 2007-09-21 14:00:22
Rendertime 01:04:36
System 2.6 celeron
Vray version 1.5.09
3dsmax version 8
Comment Fast mat was made from the scratch in photoshop
Have fun!

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oloknolo wrote: Thank you for your work

aabbdd wrote: rdfrtr

oloknolo wrote: thanks

mrr wrote: Very Nice!

felerdin123 wrote: thx buddy~

jhenich wrote: thnaks !!!!!!!

elhuron76 wrote: Very Nice!

chulinsu wrote: really very good material!

Alex_DB wrote: I like it a lot!, thanks

asephenhen wrote: cool

leopkvls wrote: yay

dlestat wrote: 10

arq.b wrote: 10

tepekiran wrote: Thanks a lot for your share

ingushstyle wrote: cool

dermeister000 wrote: me pide contraseña... me la pueden pasar? gracias

dermeister000 wrote: me pide contraseña... me la pueden pasar? gracias

jose4042 wrote: esta muy bueno, me va a funciona muy bien, gracias

rcscad wrote: thank you!

bedo_717 wrote: thank you

arch_3m wrote: it is very nice

MinaHooba wrote: ThankQ

julio.gomez wrote: cool material! tnx

b4rdi3l wrote: need it thx..good material

Admmmm wrote: Great material. Took me a while to get it to work well in my scene but looks fab now

3dsMoritz wrote: Brilliant! Thanks.

klaus13 wrote: thanks

Baren wrote: Too rough...but good material

tocarif wrote: this will spare me some usefull time, thank u :)

Razorx3d wrote: Graet mat fast and easy to use

romanmolina wrote: Looks great, i'll try it right away!

XYMan wrote: Great Texture. Good

makevu wrote: Very useful!

win_materials wrote: wew great mapping!


fa-mo wrote: thank you

romouty wrote: ...very useful

gonzalu wrote: Looks promising but I can;t use it. All the map slots come up with JPEG and I do not know what map file belongs where. How can I fix it to be able to use it? :-) Thanks Max 9, VRay 1.5 SP1

Exno wrote: Nice one :).

umam wrote: wow,I'm sorry. Please rated this material with 9.6 points. Nice touch!

umam wrote: rated this material with 8 points

turkcad175 wrote: siann vv v

Vinicius Vecchia wrote: Nice material and very useful

rmejia wrote: nice!

chatrhymer wrote: rated this material with 8 Poi

chatrhymer wrote: rated this material with 8 Poi

carlo viale wrote: quite hard & rusted. nice 4 s_urban scene

stephenjone5 wrote: Nice one! This is gonna be very useful! Great for close ups, i will probably turn displacement down for a faster render in one of my scenes... Very nice photoshop work mate... CHEERS!

Speedy wrote: Oh...an old one....sorry...10 points.....

Speedy wrote: Hi dude

PunkGuy wrote: Thanks for coments... yeah its a kind old cleft road

martian_aphid wrote: this looks promising, reminds me of the road surface i saw in a render of some old flats in a winter setting

PunkGuy wrote: 8 ?! its realy so crapy 7 XD

Marco wrote: Very Nice! Thank you!

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