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 the infinity mirror

  the infinity mirror by stephenjone5

Category Special Effects
Date 2007-09-13 17:27:10
Rendertime 00:15:33
System intel core duo T2050 1.6GHZ 1GB ram
Vray version vray_adv_150R2_max80
3dsmax version 3Ds MAX 8
Comment To put it simply take the two sided material (the inside mirrored, and the outside glass) and apply it to a box. Then if you place an object inside the box (in this case a light emitting object) in theory it should mirror infinitely... well... until the reflection of the objects light decays. The most I can get is 6 reflections... if any one can fiddle with the mirror settings to make it reflect more. Great! I've also attached the sample scene.
Thanks :-)

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sunanxi wrote: yes

adidotp wrote: great

ngikid1878 wrote: great

rory_wakemup wrote: How can I upload this to Vray for Rhino 5?

rory_wakemup wrote: How can I upload this to Vray for Rhino 5?

BennyBoy wrote: Decrease the Cutoff value of the mirror material, say 0.001 to gain more reflections.

BennyBoy wrote: Decrease the Cutoff value of the mirror material, say 0.001 to gain more reflections.

rsx459 wrote: Very Good!

AmrBms wrote: thanks a lot

soso623 wrote: thanks alot

msvera wrote: thankx

dhimnp11 wrote: nice ;) thank you

venturapb wrote: So much thanks

msvera wrote: thankx

Mykal_10 wrote: Very Interesting

pmsrocks wrote: Thank you so much man.

hpf wrote: eshta

trigun123456 wrote: VERY GOOD THX

arcinos wrote: thank you guy

dani05 wrote: Very nice material, really helpful!

aysegul88 wrote: thanks

braisbr wrote: Very nice material, really helpful!

Grumpf wrote: For solving your problem you just have to go to Vray global switches and put the max depth at 350... or more..!

khayat wrote: :|

khayat wrote: :-)

thyloh wrote: really nice and well thought!!

jerry24 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

danireekman wrote: look 4 this every where

jameson63926 wrote: very nice!

andreVRX wrote: wow... this is very nice material .... its so simple and low profile material ;) but have an awesome effect

rhyg wrote: a

lex.lex wrote: It's great!!!

thyloh wrote: i DL it even if i don't need it!! WONDERFUL!

donjapo wrote: Material aplicable a naves espaciales o algo como maquinas

lorenzobettega wrote: So COOL!!!!!

hardcorpsy wrote: good job, thank you for this original texture.

skyrun wrote: oO!

lexmio wrote: really cool

wergax wrote: smart guy!

fa-mo wrote: good material

n00b wrote: nice

zartaner wrote: Very good!!!

madkoshka wrote: That's Cool!

captainnemo wrote: fantastic !

leztratox wrote: Está muy chido este material, y se q no tardará en ser utilizado ; )

van der vaart wrote: javanese says uapik tuenan. very good

manh007 wrote: good, 9 points !

Banshee wrote: hehe, cool idea ;)

Danebadenhorst wrote: thats very cool man good work 10 pts

Jophus wrote: That is a really cool material. Nice work.

Mateusz wrote: Gorgeous! :)

stephenjone5 wrote: yeh I canged the 'max depth' in both reflect and refract dialogs from 5 to 10. It gave me one extra reflection which is 6 altogether. Anything above 10 wont make a difference. I think i've tried everything else... Hmmmmmm...

kitarolivier wrote: Did you increase the reflection/refraction level to get more than 6 ?

hegmar wrote: great work man

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