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Architectural Concrete

  Architectural Concrete by avielracso

Category Architecture
Date 2007-09-12 04:08:13
Rendertime 00:04:22
System pentium D 3 ghz
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 9.0
Comment COncreto tipo "tadao ando"

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Patrick22 wrote: nice

mekawy wrote: Thanks

rubenakabreko wrote: nice

rtoscano wrote: thank you!

Im _tired wrote: hi .. for some reason not able to upload to vray? anyone know why?

mrcostd wrote: dadasd

mrtheben wrote: Thanks it looks great

coffeeorjuice310 wrote: good!

77bb77bb wrote: good

Pedrolaio wrote: muito bom!

cher1012 wrote: Awesome!!!!!!

woong2672 wrote: good~ thx!!

anggelloc wrote: perfectoo !

dneo_ wrote: awsome!

jerry24 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

tomcleng wrote: nice

tomcleng wrote: nice

jelvovl wrote: i've been looking for this.... THANKS!

snaily wrote: great!

mouhamed ali wrote: thanks

rot187 wrote: genial

guangvowy wrote: Oh tadao ando ^^

Tom Isaki wrote: Maestro....Thanks a lot It was just perfect for my design..!!!

archistim wrote: thank u...^^

mauryacravi wrote: nice material, thanks

sigur ros wrote: 8

rayramn wrote: Tadao ando finished great useful

willy12 wrote: thank you

rizoma_arch wrote: avielracso excelent job with this material i already downloaded it thanx for share!

rizoma_arch wrote: very good work! avielracso thank you very much for share it!

lobo2009 wrote: muy buen material

jovanarh wrote: beautiful

Addington wrote: 8

crozline wrote: nice...nice.... i like it

isagoras wrote: wena me salvaste la vida con este 10 altiro

isagoras wrote: wena me salvaste la vida con este 10 altiro

lsdx0063 wrote: Greeaatt

icebear_render wrote: impressive material

loveybambino wrote: rated with 10

aidatabilin wrote: thanks!

LostSeb wrote: cool, just what i'm looking for!

naaccho wrote: ta bueno

dioxyd wrote: Thanks :) I m giving 10

dioxyd wrote: Thanks :) I m giving 10

mathiasfrischauf wrote: nice

tomitama wrote: thanks!

arjaeboi wrote: thanks for the share!

erglobus wrote: pero y el brillo plastificado...

erglobus wrote: pero y el brillo plastificado...

kondzior wrote: brillant :)

Endrance wrote: perfecto! justo lo que buscaba

pulgasso wrote: look's very nice, but a bit too reflectice i think

hittokiri wrote: Yupp, it's a bit too shiny ..

eavdic wrote: Very good

fa-mo wrote: thank you

monique_1984 wrote: a bit too shiny...

99sebas99 wrote: very good

dacl3d wrote: nice ;)

Diabblo78 wrote: perfect

alfonso1972 wrote: excellent for Ando render buildings

umam wrote: rated this material with 9.5.Nice work.

Poul Erik wrote: Thanks Great material!

avielracso wrote: vray rc5 ... sorry

moncyber.centur wrote: Invalid file. I have V-ray Adv 1.5 RC@

jarenjel wrote: Just perfect, thanks a lot!

sybian wrote: just what I needed. thx

mazurek74 wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

santivillano wrote: excelente material!!!!

andrecorreia wrote: this is good material

balbimex wrote: Thanks!

ma3ak wrote: ma3ak

orbayeryol wrote: hi

jaga01cu wrote: Yes, definitively very glossy. But also very nice :)

pirulanga wrote: Very nice

martian_aphid wrote: ah ando concrete, but a little too shiny imo

miweiler wrote: Good, but a bit too much glossy for concrete ;)

zanza85 wrote: no i'm sorry, this is not the comment for your material! :P

zanza85 wrote: nothing special, but ok!

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