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  watermelon by Danebadenhorst

Category Food
Date 2007-08-30 17:12:14
Rendertime 00:09:21
System INTEL 2gig ram
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 8
Comment watermelon

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guinho_ct wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

HauntedHat wrote: I've found myself coming back to this material despite its age. Thanks 10/10

Aenzea wrote: Yummy! ;)

Bogce wrote: Great!!!

ngoctrai wrote: great!

uturn wrote: cool

emmaxiao90 wrote: Oh Wow! that is sooo cute! I feel like to bite it ~ :)

Krameran wrote: Thank you

jingjangju wrote: Thanks

muhamadizuan wrote: nice job bro...

fire_man wrote: nice

echohy2004 wrote: thanks

Gürkan wrote: I need this materials thanks

RRR wrote: AWESOME!! Kawaii XD

Deniz3d wrote: nice work, thank u

recean wrote: Great!!!

etarriba wrote: nice! juicy

Lamberty wrote: I love it!!!

franzsi wrote: GREAT!!!!!!!

vishal774123 wrote: its too dashing.......Excellent!!!!!!!

rscaia wrote: AWESOME.

robert.com10 wrote: someonecanmakeagoodtomato

merdt wrote: nice work mate.

Twilight wrote: Вкуснятина такая :)

artklent wrote: super!

whori wrote: Niamy :) looking at this pic i just want to eat this one :D

blanktarget wrote: Looks great!

daningerz wrote: Great material, congratulations!!

denispaganini wrote: very interesting... congrats man

hanafosgogo wrote: thank ~

anemites wrote: GENIAL!!... yo no tengo aun vray! pero es esta genial la text. felicitaciones =)

anemites wrote: GENIAL!!... yo no tengo aun vray! pero es esta genial la text. felicitaciones =)

mr.luca wrote: increible

tr0nik wrote: very good

xuyunke123 wrote: perfect~

Arthur wrote: thanks!!! looks tasty!

emmettorama wrote: awsome!=)) how did you do it?

designer3d wrote: very good

sanay wrote: thanx guys

fa-mo wrote: thanks

command42 wrote: mnam :)

safiy wrote: damn, it looks good enough to eat

sir_stefano wrote: Nice! congrats...

M-Mniny wrote: Really Yummy material ... thanks .

enigmaenigma wrote: i had been tasted your material, and i have to tell you tahks for this material!!

AntonG wrote: cool

logesh_v wrote: good work...nice mtl...

organt wrote: really stunning!!!

Marco wrote: Well this is really one of the best! Everytime i look on it, I wanna eat it! :D

edobudy wrote: fantastic

bordako wrote: Excelente!, Con Gratuleiyon!

kikkonius wrote: Wow... just amazing workmanship, almost bit it ;)

ramilquliyev wrote: how did he take a photo?

manuelmanuel wrote: tasty shader indeed!

jem222 wrote: great!!

Togrbil2 wrote: Wow! Fantastic

Togrbil2 wrote: Wow! Fantastic

pfzanin wrote: Very good.

escanive wrote: Oh my, that sure is one TASTY shader. Great job! *thumbs up*

Pirog123 wrote: btw- manh007 rated it for 1pt, when other voted for 10-9pts. I think it's not fair. Why u don't ban him?

Pirog123 wrote: ahahahahhaa COOL! want to eat :P

rmejia wrote: nice melon

yagelProject wrote: Мне нравитьÑ?Ñ?, очень реально.

chaos wrote: genious!!

SubBear wrote: Very good! It's realistic!

arrival wrote: great!

martian_aphid wrote: very summery

jojo1975 wrote: cool ;)

primacad wrote: I want it..

Mirko wrote: Perfect!!! :-)

Banshee wrote: cool, hehe :))

Marco wrote: The inner looks tasty! YUM!!

epolo.sl wrote: Juicy

aldofarias82 wrote: it looks vey very good

miweiler wrote: superb! njamnjam ;)

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