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Soft Carpet beige

  Soft Carpet beige by Banshee

Category Cloth
Date 2006-09-04 13:12:42
Rendertime 00:22:13
System Dual Intel 3 GHz
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment A quite simple carpet-material. Put the bump-map as an instance into your vray-displacement-slot with fine settings (here: 0,4 cm, Edge length 4 pix, Max subdivisions 256). Suitable as a verlvet-shader with shorter hair and adjusted diffuse-parameters. Also nice if used with a bitmap in the diffuse-channel.

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dejomsu wrote: good

rhlsth99 wrote: link not working for download

solom2s wrote: javascript:;

osm88 wrote: good

kokuw wrote: thanx

katysha wrote: Beautiful perfect! Thank you :D

zaeem518 wrote: much love

princesspisuke wrote: best

CatarinaF wrote: excelent

bagabobo wrote: thanks

reanne wrote: Thanks :)

javadalert wrote: thanks

Francky3D wrote: Thank you !

Lim_Lineage wrote: 10

bianka wrote: thanks yow

tekiela wrote: lindo!

amal_tina wrote: nice!

Bigue wrote: good

kinosh wrote: very nice mat! u can feel the fuzzyness! 10/10

Olivoist wrote: Fine !

andy2006 wrote: Really cool material :)

dcabrg wrote: nice work

allenkg wrote: koool

fleech wrote: does it require a bitmap for bump or as is?

memocontrolled wrote: nice!!

arostegui wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

arostegui wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

eanaerkz wrote: nice jobbbbb..thumb thumb up

geraldo wrote: muito bom o material

h417451361 wrote: These materials provided by friends, thank you very much!

mfured20 wrote: thanks man, im using it as a carpet and its going pretty well.

Locrian wrote: thank you

bokica wrote: just what i need.. thanks

nevermore89 wrote: looks really soft, my feet would love it :D

jorge sayeg wrote: nice material!!

jorge sayeg wrote: wewdw

Godfather wrote: Nice material. Thanks.

jelena wrote: like Tedy Bear! Great material!

Turv wrote: cool

catpowerz2001 wrote: There's no maps! How can people be rating it when he doesn't even include the maps?

ipxstudios wrote: can you include all the materials - it's missing maps

rolo wrote: would you plase upload the displacement map and the specular map? I cant open the .mat file. Cheers!!!

Noïra wrote: very good !!

alexanderbrilliant wrote: Gooood

alexanderbrilliant wrote: Gooood

tommsen wrote: the vray displacment slot is a modifier, nice material 8 points

Zaswed wrote: Sorry for being a newbie.. but where exactly is the Vray displacement slot? there is no slot that you can put stuff into under the "V-ray:: Default displacement" leaf in rendering setup. Or am I looking in the wrong place?

cyy wrote: Very Nice!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH :D

CADinho wrote: thx a lot... very good

nude wrote: it nice... thanks!!!

wormvb wrote: nice mat dude

karim84 wrote: it doesnt wannat work!!!!!!..am using max 7.....1.47

Zero_Self_Rigtheousness wrote: the material is corrupt to 3d max

visualride wrote: Thanks for the bear mat.

polymorph wrote: Great use of displacement! GREAT! :D, i need to study more.

Banshee wrote: Rough?

dahong wrote: very rough? how to be softer?

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