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Galvanized Steel

  Galvanized Steel by toby

Category Metal
Date 2007-08-02 11:02:21
Rendertime 00:04:35
System WinXP x64, Dual Intel Xeon 3.2GHz, 3GB Ram
Vray version 1.5 RC3
3dsmax version 9 sp2
Comment This is my first material for this community. I hope you gonna find it quite useful.

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mahiraputri wrote: thank you!

victoria.della-peruta wrote: thanks

francesco122 wrote: ty ]

frantic wrote: Thanks

digitalarquitetonica wrote: Incomplete material without map

yasminakhan123 wrote: I don't see the .vsmat file in the download. Please help

A_1 wrote: good

KertFM wrote: thanks for this material

olhorobot wrote: too much subdivision for me : 50 had to fine tune it for my setup but the noise that produces the galvanized look was very good ;)

lmd333 wrote: great procedural. renders better than the sample image


bahaka wrote: professional procedural map. without using any bitmaps. good job, thanks.

tonneti wrote: empty...


simonaskham wrote: Just a jpg sample image in the zip no mat???

plaugs wrote: not "metal" enough looks like a formica counter with faux metal pattern or something.

jameson63926 wrote: sorry, this is an early 3d viz /3d max default texture map included with the package. Thought someone else would have seen this b3fore

Njay wrote: Thanks. Will make good use of it.

clacora wrote: very well

chorras wrote: THANKS

cuchupelo wrote: good!

toby wrote: @Banshee -- I'm gonna do a rework on this mat and send you the file via eMail so that you can reup this material, ok?

toby wrote: @Banshee -- I'm gonna do a rework on this mat and send you the file via eMail so that you can reup this material, ok?

gonzoxx wrote: Iam designer I work with pins,,, this materials,,, will be veri useful to me ,,, very thank to share this awesome materials,,,, very thamsk,,,, and sorry for my bad inglish

Banshee wrote: the diffuse map is nice but the reflections don´t look like metal. Maybe rework the whole thing, give it stronger and a bit sharper reflections and you´ll be fine! My suggestion: Fresnel Reflections with an IOR set to 6 and a glossyness around 0.9 with 20 samples.

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