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Dirty mat

  Dirty mat by aldofarias82

Category Architecture
Date 2007-08-01 21:04:23
Rendertime 00:09:19
System p4ht 2.8 2gigs ram
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment this is a simple vray dirt material, with a concrete base as unocluded color, just change it to make your own dirty mats.
hope you like it

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Patrick22 wrote: good

aaoonn02 wrote: thanks

reddoneko wrote: missing file!!!!!!!!!!!

chingashow wrote: maps.hi.79.jpg and dirt.jpg are stil missing.


kkerstiens wrote: maps.hi.79.jpg and dirt.jpg are stil missing.

consyne wrote: will try

mamontqz wrote: maps.hi.79.jpg and dirt.jpg are stil missing.

candlee wrote: great

atillasa wrote: thanks

hateki wrote: thanks very much

quexstre48 wrote: maps.hi.79.jpg and dirt.jpg are stil missing. please fix that issue. Thanks for sharing this material.

Brace wrote: Two maps are missing.

judderman wrote: Missing two materials - namely dirt mat.jpg and hi.79.jpg

1983nightcrawler wrote: very nice thanks mann!!

Horadrim wrote: A texture is missing. It`s named maps.hi.79.jpg

redoneray wrote: nice one!

kakito wrote: you shoud call it "dirty concrete !! nice job man !!!!

gargalik wrote: superrr

stephenjone5 wrote: simple but great! ;-)

fa-mo wrote: thank you for materials

arquiplay wrote: Nice, but the map DIRT in the radius slot is missing, isn´t that important?

Mickiecp wrote: Thank you, kind sir! I don't know what I'd do without this site! I'm working on a school project due tomorrow :P hehe as always I'm in good time...

mibelgue wrote: I like it, nice one

deaners wrote: i liek it looks good

aldofarias82 wrote: those maps should be in the zip file but you dont need them at all, just replace those with any texture you like, the dirt should look the same.

ray70 wrote: i Not found maps.hi.79.jpg, i need them?

shann wrote: very cool^^

rageouz wrote: Thank you so much!

hegmar wrote: great mat thx a lot

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