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  milkyfloor by panofish

Category Architecture
Date 2007-07-18 21:47:59
Rendertime 00:01:06
System xeon 5320 1.86GHz (8 cpu / buckets)
Vray version 1.5 RC3
3dsmax version 3dsmax v9
Comment I like to use this material as the floor material to show a model in a white scene with a slight mirrored reflection on the ground.

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nolipineda101 wrote: thanks!

RAYCORNEL wrote: thanks

Jorge Durand wrote: thanks!

leticiacunha wrote: tks

khwaja7865 wrote: Good

mirtogk wrote: works nice in every scene!!!

lorans88 wrote: nnnnnnnnnnn

fraggle wrote: Thanks, Does somebody know how to make a white fog glass (not acid glass, but fog inside the glass)?

asmodeo656 wrote: nice

valy-k2 wrote: It's exactly what i was looking for. Super & usefull.

kakito wrote: brilliant !!

PrinceRajput wrote: sweet

bhoris wrote: can someone post the settings? cant open it but need it

yang1980_04 wrote: thanks

Marlen wrote: Bello!! gracias!!

mad.torres wrote: This is so beautiful!

fa-mo wrote: thank you for map

lanriv wrote: simple but nice!

DTWD wrote: Bob on, it's been doing my head in what I wanted, then all of a suden I find this and it's exactly what I wanted, thanks!

ankushchauhan wrote: NICE WORK BOSS

ngochai wrote: nice

romio868 wrote: nice material

chandni wrote: nice

Mediasia wrote: good material ;) really usefull :)

MadIvan wrote: thank you for this material, i simply loved.

VortexDragon wrote: Sorry, I missed, how can I change my vote? I vanted to give 10

flyingscott wrote: So milky smooth...

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