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 Beer & Foam

  Beer & Foam by Mediasia

Category Liquid
Date 2007-07-02 05:55:06
Rendertime 00:08:00
System Core2Duo 1.86Ghz - 1Go RAM - Working on PS at the same time ^^
Vray version 1.5 RC2
3dsmax version 3dsmax9
Comment Here's a funny material. thinking about a good glass of cold beer...
anyway, it could be usefull for some scenes ^^
Beer is Fog controled and foam material also available

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essamali wrote: nice

preslion wrote: wow good stuffs

Stkado wrote: That's amazing

CharlieKH wrote: Very nice

serialcut wrote: merci

serialcut wrote: merci

serialcut wrote: merci

preetham47 wrote: how to change the ms access shortcut file to mat file

kabam2786 wrote: Love it!!

Snezhana Terzieva wrote: Perfect! Thank you!

pushincoa wrote: iendd

schreck wrote: Awesome, thanks a lot mate!!

katysha wrote: Perfection! Thank you :D

luchosoto wrote: thanks!

onfuture wrote: I need it

saguy42 wrote: tex

toke wrote: Cool!!

Prelo wrote: rated this material with 10

nigelroddy wrote: Hi great material but the bubbles within the beer itself seem to be rendering black. i know its something i am doing wrong as i really dont know what i am doing with vray. if someone could guide me in the right direction that would be great.

felts wrote: reated this material with 9 point

moroes wrote: cool !

pranab501 wrote: 9

crackin wrote: My god! it's perfect!

mistakenat wrote: Very good. I needed this. Thank you

echohy2004 wrote: thanks

toulouse2k wrote: Ummmmm....an ice cold beer.

acxtreme wrote: big up!

MORRIS01 wrote: great job! is an amazing mat. congratulations Mediasia

llexx wrote: Thank You

mihaius wrote: I loooove beer !!!!!

sakura_nashinato wrote: excelent!!

projectile wrote: good one .. like it a lot . how i wish i could press render and get a glass of chilled beer in my hand.

papaanshu wrote: thanks

bobbey wrote: thanks dude =D

Fogatin wrote: Very nice dude =)

abdodarwesh wrote: thanks

mihaius wrote: dude... this is great... I drink a lot of beer.. I love beer... the foam doesn't look so good, but the rest is fine, so 10 from me anyway. Good luck!

Tinutu wrote: HA HA cool stuff! :)) A+ from me on this one

Ghostdark wrote: Very good!! 10/10


TooZyk wrote: Excellent job.

mecaenet wrote: im tirst

mecaenet wrote: wow simply amaizing

tasol wrote: cool

rajned wrote: you are my knight in shining armour...I ve been looking for this for ages!

seanhepburn2006 wrote: Time for another stan of Kella, hic. Wonderful!

Sildytuvas wrote: beer material dont working, or i dont know how to make this working properly... if anyone can tell, ill be very pleasant

pilareta wrote: rated this material with 9pts

dioxyd wrote: Yeah, foam should have bubbles too. But it deserves 10 anyway.

egz wrote: Pretty nice, but I think the foam looks too hard. More like a melted marshmallow than airy foam.

ButterNinja wrote: Beer :D

totsamiy wrote: надо

lopreto wrote: this is great

realayumi wrote: realy2 like a beer... i remember when i was high school... T_T

Pierc79 wrote: can't open file

mrozik2006 wrote: it's very good but i cant open this in 3ds max 8 Vray 1.5 RC3 ;/

theblacktiger wrote: Accent de chiasse ! lol Bien jouer fieu again

theblacktiger wrote: Bien joué Fieu !

Rorschach wrote: Apeine en Force ! ^^

parakot wrote: thank you soo much....it was very helpfull :)

minyu wrote: amazing! there's even a beer & foam material.... *awed*

razor_1987 wrote: quite good materiali think i was searching for these type of materials from long time

hyun sang wrote: good

chandni wrote: perfect

toro wrote: mmm, thirsty...

Mediasia wrote: the foam could be better for sure with some SSS includ to it, but anyway i wanted to make a quiet quick material to render cause it will not be the most important in the scene, and it render quiet good enough for a little detail of a scene ;) keep it up for the Beer&Foam v.2.0 :D

absolutced wrote: Yess! I want to drink!

badgirl wrote: WoW!!! I wanna try this beer now.

LevaLeva wrote: capp It seemed to me is quite convincing foam

capp wrote: levaleva rated 10 ?? mhh, the foam doesnt looks realistic.

empanah wrote: NICE!!! i want a beer :D

oliestanley wrote: Nice Material. Keep it up

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