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  Net by mesho

Category Automotive
Date 2007-06-29 15:27:40
Rendertime 00:07:21
System Intel core duo (1.6 GHz, 533Mhz,2MB L2 Cache) 128 MB Video Memory 512 MB Ram
Vray version 1.5 RC2
3dsmax version 3ds max 7
Comment A net having a rhombus shaped holes, the file contains the bump and opacity maps & an additional bump map, you apply your own color you want and don't forget UVW, it's a multipurpose net, but I put it in the Automotive category, because I made it for a car front grill.

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afzaal007 wrote: nice

gieyogie wrote: perfect....thank you....

phyo.januaryborn wrote: Thank you very much.

Ateeq786 wrote: ustad kamal kita e , mama dill khush o gya e

Ateeq786 wrote: ustad kamal kita e , mama dill khush o gya e

msvera wrote: thankx

Sinto wrote: NIce Work Cool

DanielChelles wrote: Thanks! Great Material! Nice work

cenk345 wrote: thank you

maitewolf wrote: thanks!, great material!

siripong wrote: thank you

Mychita wrote: gracias!! perfecto

renè wrote: you're the best, man

mihaius wrote: you should use pure geometry for a front grill, but whatever... It's not difficult to make such a material and it is not very clean.

mihaius wrote: dude, what the fuck?

aceh3k1 wrote: good!!

buzzsaw89 wrote: Should be good, nice work. Thanks.

big21 wrote: genius

duhaster wrote: Chudovo!

WebSter wrote: nice

marius79 wrote: nice just tested out

chandni wrote: cool work

mesho wrote: The reflect is in our hands, you could increase it or decrease it as you want, the procedural you wont get the bump on it .... that's all ....... thank you and you do have your point.

Mediasia wrote: Sorry to say that but it looks really reflective and could easily been done with procedural and gradiants. :(

ewka21 wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

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