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 Procedural Office Ceiling

  Procedural Office Ceiling by naser

Category Architecture
Date 2007-06-24 14:06:14
Rendertime 00:05:59
System AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+, 2,61 Ghz, 2Gb RAM
Vray version 1.5 R3
3dsmax version 9
Comment This is a fully procedural office ceiling material as it´s name says. The fluorescents have self ilumination but you can turn off it if you want. You can also change the color...

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alejandromarc wrote: excellent!!!

Patrick22 wrote: excellent

cgbeat wrote: Best ceiling material, I used to use it all the time! now that i need it for my new job i'm just SO happy to find it again here

ryan7777 wrote: great work!

Garibaldi wrote: nice material

SOFIA_BOND wrote: So cool! Thanx

le_zj wrote: No material in the Lib at all

irebollarx wrote: Great material!

jeff217025817 wrote: omg i find this material for 10 hour and i finally got it!!!

RAYCORNEL wrote: thanks

pabrey wrote: bad bad no texture

josemariom wrote: Empy Lib!

sabiqbh wrote: NO BITMAP

mjh_mjh wrote: NOT OPENING IN MAX 2017

mjh_mjh wrote: EMPTY LIB ?????

hpf wrote: Please help.can anyone help me how Am I supposed to install this?

Timperatorful wrote: Incredible work!

schreck wrote: nice mate, thanks :)

Nigel wrote: No maps included in the download, this map would be very useful to me.

SkyRus wrote: Thank's a lot, that's awsome!

CarlaCM wrote: Thank you.

joydapogs wrote: I download it but no material to be selected here, y i cant use it?

hackerfairy wrote: so handy!

nazeeresat wrote: hi. im new to 3ds max please help. managed to expand ceiling to larger scale, but how to expand light fittings...

hassossah wrote: very useful thank you

navas3868 wrote: can u help me plz

navas3868 wrote: it's not get material

cloconte wrote: thank you!!!

klsyvtr wrote: very useful. thank you!

mspencer wrote: great work

jorgeturner wrote: great !! thank you

garymanalo wrote: nice one!

jriggi wrote: Sorry but can you tell me how to import this into the material editor. Never used a procedural map before. thank you!!

tomcleng wrote: no mapping

koyot wrote: very good job!

nacho76 wrote: No map!

enricoalice wrote: VISMAT please.....

Onix wrote: Amazing Material! Thanks

omamadsn wrote: missing maps..:)

porfiriocarreon wrote: gracias por la aportacion

kiekie21 wrote: its so incredibly complex vector texture, good!

snake_v5 wrote: Let´s check it out...although It looks nice!!

uturn wrote: cool

ht wrote: its great keep on

nasos wrote: thanks

alquimu wrote: thanks

Pablito wrote: Brilliant!

hellyas wrote: to whills and carl wake up morons, it's fully procedural !! this mat is really good

Whills wrote: Yeah! Carl's right.

Carl wrote: You don't have any map in the compressed file

riaanvj wrote: clever

mjh_mjh wrote: thumps up ya naser ;)

saint wrote: I should say... not bad... not bad...

saint wrote: I should say... not bad... not bad...

rojasvalderrama wrote: wena

pacoportillo wrote: sorprendente !!! Amazing !!!

nyacumo wrote: awesome thanks

maycsnv wrote: bravo

mihaius wrote: not very useful, but it's procedural and this is not easy to make.

sinbaddd wrote: ty, really ty

ricbma wrote: Awesome!

sumedhwin wrote: thanks dude

jasonong wrote: tks for this wonderful material, very useful for office projects

cgtiger wrote: Hi there is no maps for the ceiling in this zip at all...am I missing something here...apart from it looks great

jurgemeister wrote: awesome!

potsmokerboy wrote: by far the best

icchan wrote: Great Job! thx for sharing

hgarza wrote: This one is stunning!

torqueunlimited wrote: Aesome awesome awesome!

wanwi wrote: thank you sir.^^

Palini wrote: cool

kakito wrote: this is a very nice job !!! perfect for me !!!!! thank u !!!!!!

tomerk242 wrote: Great material ! :))

amethist wrote: 9

Banshee wrote: great!

ubik2097 wrote: Excellent material and adjustable... because it is procedural! Keep going.

9106313 wrote: the best

ICE_TOUCH wrote: Thanks, super!!!

gers_e wrote: nice idea! ty!

Meklon wrote: Good. Thanks.

kiekie21 wrote: very good texture and any displacement become a superior quality materials

capp wrote: i like

siliconbauhaus wrote: brilliant any idea what parameters need to be changed to change the layout?

erglobus wrote: AWESOME!!!!!!!!

figo wrote: why give me an error with loading?

facuscar78 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

Chesire Cat wrote: unbelievable!!! => 10

Barmin wrote: Brilliant use of maps!! Amazing!

pepper wrote: то что надо!

e2g wrote: cool!!!!!

naser wrote: try to activate the displacement slot Zantei

enigmaenigma wrote: 10 for mi!!!

Zantei wrote: This material doesn't work for me...I'm using max 9. It just looks flat?

Zantei wrote: This material doesn't work for me...I'm using max 9. It just looks flat?

chandni wrote: ho dam cute thanks a lot

fatin wrote: with this great mtl i have to start using max 9 just for it,thanx.

maxkob wrote: great

Renato wrote: superB!

Need_Help wrote: So this material is just a 'rubbish' for many of us who are still using Max 8 -.-

Arkitec wrote: Can this be made into a MAX 8 material?

ngochai wrote: i like it

sycamore wrote: OH,sorry,I used max8. I'm very Ashamed

sycamore wrote: why the material is bad, when open said errror loading paramblock2..........

don chapo wrote: ok

section1 wrote: Nice work

mesho wrote: It would save me much time, great work

Need_Help wrote: The fluorescent light is not bad, but the ceiling is not really nice, thats why I only give it a 8

martian_aphid wrote: incredible

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