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medieval jail

  medieval jail by EliosART

Category Architecture
Date 2007-06-24 12:23:47
Rendertime 03:07:10
System pentium 4 3200 | 2 gb ram ddr | ati fireGL X2 256
Vray version 1.50
3dsmax version 8 sp3
Comment old brik wall, rusted iron bars and some wheat-straw for uncomfortable sleeping :-)

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Herman wrote: Holy crap, how cool!

Mephisto666 wrote: Great!!!!!!

Allien wrote: well maybe 3 hours but material really rocks nicely done

mihaius wrote: 3 hours just to render this? No offense, but this isn't really realistic and it seems to be more suitable for 'in-game usage' rather than still images.

mihaius wrote: is that a render time?

blackdog64 wrote: Nice original idea! Thanks!

mutkan wrote: perfect

youniverse wrote: sorry but is it a mistake or not? I mean about the rendering time

KREM wrote: круто

cage-warp wrote: hahaha... cool mat!

aindreas wrote: amusing

M A Rahman wrote: dear all all this materials are fantastic and very good also

Chesire Cat wrote: VERY nice - THX

haggard77 wrote: i wish i could give you more than ten

ankushchauhan wrote: G8 THANKS MAN

Mateusz wrote: OMFG!! That's totally cool, although the displacement stuff kills render time.

maxmaya wrote: great gob!!!

chandni wrote: thanks

trixigt wrote: EliosART you really helpt me out here! Thanks!!

EliosART wrote: thank you kindly for the votes!

empanah wrote: exelente :D me encanta

section1 wrote: great job

EliosART wrote: ops! i'm sorry, i wrote 3 hour ! it's 30 min! :-)

Need_Help wrote: 3 hours just to render this? No offence, but this isn't really realistic and it seems to be more suitable for 'in-game usage' rather than still images.

VisionQuest wrote: brut stuff. nice job

micro maya wrote: wow realk !!!

MrEko wrote: It's really realistic

jackool99 wrote: verry nice looking

mikki0 wrote: good

reinoks wrote: Render time is 3 hours ???

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