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Le Mont St. Sebastien

  Le Mont St. Sebastien by sfrey

Category Architecture
Date 2007-06-21 11:45:28
Rendertime 00:07:51
System CORE2 6700
Vray version 1.49.04
3dsmax version MAX8 SP3
Comment A whole city in one material!!

It's a completely procedural material without any plugins.
You can change the number of houses, the roofs, the streets, the colors....everthing!!!

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royo wrote: wonderfull!!! great meterial!

burhan616 wrote: nice job on the material

arturdesamenezes wrote: Very well!

ritca wrote: not showing material in material slot.......why??

V3XED wrote: Very impressive!

freakyCGI wrote: We have the power just use your brain! I'm not big fan of using plugins too much that's why I loved this material! it's completely procedural material without any plugins, thanks sfrev!

koesys wrote: INCROYABLE ! Un des plus beaux matériaux procéduraux que je connaisse. Beaucoup à apprendre en le regardant en détail...

x-space wrote: funny!

zeeroxx wrote: too good

Onix wrote: This is amazing! Thanks

hneq wrote: love it

Sherik wrote: Cool

Sherik wrote: Cool

rodsantos wrote: Original and nonconformist...!

bulles wrote: Bon travaille Sébastien Très imaginatif et utile!!!!

youyou wrote: woow!that´s coolest material I seen..

SRAVAN wrote: its great...

SRAVAN wrote: its great...

ghofrane wrote: this is material or a small town ? it is fantastic .

amitkhan wrote: where is the logout option in this website?

deepak3d wrote: my god.....!!! :O

lmreyez wrote: La imagen no esta.jpg

immortel038 wrote: emmm

shetu_24 wrote: you really are an artist, man!

aidatabilin wrote: thanks

karatacus wrote: QUE LoCOOOO!!! ESTA PERFEcTO!!

ohtar2003 wrote: is it just me, or the streets never get "straight"? there are always random squares of streets and houses... what am I doing wrong?

medik wrote: thanks!

Espie1979 wrote: You are king of the materials

marcos144 wrote: insane

snaily wrote: somebody rated with 7 points??? what???? its 20!!

vaniamulen wrote: amazing

rayramn wrote: Expanding the limits

AnimaCine wrote: Just too clever!

Gorgoroth wrote: Ja ja, nice!

ifrit3000 wrote: La merma

SRDSG wrote: thanks!

snaily wrote: Just brilliant!

mahuidanches wrote: you are the master

mauryacravi wrote: congrats! and great work buddy..

AnthonyStockman wrote: dude yer sick :) well done!

giorgia_234 wrote: great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

filmilm wrote: Excelentee!

nnq2603 wrote: Masterfully procedural mat!!... it's insane.

bodibod wrote: Just a master course on how to make a 10.0 +++ shader. Thanks

Amleto74 wrote: Nice...;-)

vazduhuri wrote: waw...

Heuptling wrote: Amazing!

Ash wrote: Du pur délire!! Hahahaha! Bravo! :D

HyPNoTiZe wrote: thank you...this is crazy!!

Alex1point wrote: material completely crazy and completely unnecessary. Fantastic, thank you very much.

kolioz wrote: f**k me ! this material is just sick !!

kakito wrote: brilliant !!!!!

sparkweb wrote: personnellement je n'aime pas trop mais c'est bien travailler

bass3d wrote: Very useful and original

Bloodklot wrote: lol cool

danieldeath wrote: just funny and gr8,,, very nice job done

nilton wrote: very good!!!!!

segar wrote: great!

joe_2008 wrote: thank

cool_mukul wrote: good material

sirriarikan wrote: you're really amazing very good idea and good job !

antidepresan wrote: incredible!!

CarlosPP wrote: Como Haces estas cosas!!! debes ser un GENIO!! jaja felicitaciones!!

anthonyduo wrote: Does this make actually houses on it's own?

blaze0007 wrote: like geeble :)

ButterNinja wrote: Godzilla Simulator :D Seriously amazing

jbr wrote: coooool! ;)

vagalame wrote: chapeau bas l'artiste =)

vagalame wrote: chapeau bas l'artiste =)

SirPsyco87 wrote: Excelentee!!

raphael0454 wrote: Amazing!!

desERteUr wrote: where do these little houses come from?

makevu wrote: Incredible material!

makevu wrote: Incredible material!

zutten wrote: I don't have any use for this at the moment, but oh my god, it's beautiful :D

bossygyl wrote: can only max9 ?

maciulek wrote: nice

Inscari wrote: ¡Amazing! A material-tutorial advanced.

amdel wrote: 10

EricCamper wrote: Timpan...7 points...Are you joking!!!

safiy wrote: amazing

ral01 wrote: wow it's great

n00b wrote: That's what I call genius

fa-mo wrote: thank you for material

Banshee wrote: I gues for materials like this one we will create a hall of fame some day :)

adriandavidson wrote: this material is insanity! i look forward to pick it apart after dinner tonight. thanks for posting it here :-)

wicman wrote: BUENISIMO

dieterhuster wrote: YEAHH!!

mibelgue wrote: -and only 12 kb!-

mibelgue wrote: I´ll not say anything that you havn´t heard, but... GREAT! congrats.

chillmasta wrote: this is really amazing, testing it now :

trig wrote: How did you do the materials on the sides of the buildings? The rest makes sense but doing materials on the sides of displacements sounds impossible to me (at least in max).

trig wrote: Still doing the illumination passes on my test scene but looks great so far! Can't wait to see what makes it tick.

picolorj wrote: DAMN!!! Material genius, excellent! Innovative and Beautiful!

stephenjone5 wrote: clever bugger... ;-)

def4d wrote: incredible material , i think one the most "teacher" one, very good job, and thx a lot

rafa_ wrote: woow

Duche wrote: Great!!!!

roy bragat wrote: great,,,,,

kila wrote: haha! Amazing!

kamima wrote: excellent!!

Solid wrote: Wow!! this is awesome :D

(o)ne wrote: Great deal for greeble :)

jannus wrote: wow ,excellent.

Skualo wrote: :O

FraggleRock wrote: FLI-PAN-TE!

areznaroque wrote: .... genius. absolute genius.

gwykim wrote: fantastic

maixaule wrote: AMAZING!!!!

Corrado-San wrote: :D:D:D:D:D

ratsnake wrote: KATAMARI!!!

leisetreter wrote: godlike

butoytoy23 wrote: Ayos ah!

awsome02001 wrote: WOW, didnt know that was possible

jackass wrote: it's absolutely amazing :D thx allot man

jackass wrote: it's absolutely amazing :D thx allot man

Eric Sosa wrote: hehehe...wonder what u do on your free time :D awesom!!! grats m8 :)

Eric Sosa wrote: hehehe...wonder what u do on your free time :D awesom!!! grats m8 :)

emora wrote: thankyou! good work

pablopezh0 wrote: Prfct

the_clansmangt wrote: SIIIIIICK!

maya_bbxx wrote: It is wonderful !

Bassaidai wrote: simply brilliant!!!

kylane wrote: Fantastic work.

arcnline wrote: Awesome material, this one should’ve been #1

cgoz wrote: congrats

Clayman wrote: Nice one!

vboyz wrote: cool

fatin wrote: perfect.

ekseight wrote: this is sick...you're sick...............i like it :)

potiman21 wrote: I don't understand ; p

Sinjin wrote: wondeful

Mediasia wrote: Is there's a Crazy sfrey over there.... ?? I really think so :-O

lucasson wrote: amazing!!

orbx wrote: Wow....

Alkanaut wrote: Simply the Best! 10 Points!

arkize wrote: i want to give 20 points

arkize wrote: i want to give 20 points

arkize wrote: CONGRATULATION.... amazing work :)

LevaLeva wrote: one more freaky man :)

imacle wrote: unbelievable, best material on this site

rfvlima wrote: jesus christ

chuckyp wrote: Thats just crazy man! I hope you work in the 3D business cause this is waaaaay more original than anything i've seen here!!

kickdown wrote: awesome

Banshee wrote: "@admins: Can I upload an updated version with named maps, so it would be easier to understand the material?" sure you can! or post a link with the modified file - as you like

sfrey wrote: It's difficult to explain, but I try to give a little help to my material: To change the number of the houses you need to go to "Tiles"-Material Map #113, #117, #103, #133, #103(displace) and change Horiz/Vert.Count. Then you need to enter the same value to the Tiling of Gradient #96, #125, #123, #125(Reflect), #123(Displace), #123(Displace 2nd) and you need to change the offset, so it maches to Tiles (Double Tiling->Half Offset). To adjust the heigth of the houses change the colors of Gradient #123 in DisplacementMap. Left is the top of the roof, middle color is the base of the roof, right color should be black. Perhaps you need to change the overall Displacement value in the main Material. The Colors can be found in the Noise Maps or directly in the Tiles Maps. I hope this tutorial may help. @admins: Can I upload an updated version with named maps, so it would be easier to understand the material?

Jophus wrote: SWEET!

Need_Help wrote: Can you please give more info on how to adjust the number/size of houses, the roofs, the streets, the colors and 'everything' that you mentioned? I found that its not really nice when I applied it on a flat plane and render. It looks really fake when I do like that and I want to 'adjust' it.

Mirko wrote: just amazing!!!

Booderforce wrote: Lol! That is damn cool! WD! :D

Need_Help wrote: WOW I can't believe that this is really a whole city in a material and further more, its procedural :O So far the best material that I've seen

Banshee wrote: unbelievable it is procedural....

danielexxx wrote: Absolutely great!

jackool99 wrote: I just love this one it is so cool

The DAM wrote: This is great, man. You've just made a complete scene without anything else than a material. I want to be like you when I grow up xD 10 points :P

Pirog123 wrote: SUPER PUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ATSKI KRUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 500/10 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

ray1618 wrote: wicked!

CatSik wrote: crazy material

Denna wrote: 9 )))))

jojo1975 wrote: it's a crazy material ! :)

rmejia wrote: amazing !

al-kahhhtchi wrote: Thank you very much

mihfir wrote: WOW! Very cool 10 points

VisionQuest wrote: Great stuf. Nice job...10 points

cgoz wrote: it was just in my mind but i couldn't figure out how to do it.you just succeed very well.i can't wait to use it.

capp wrote: maybe unuseful, but this is ART !!! 10 points from me are for certain !

aldofarias82 wrote: kind of unuseful but very skilled and cool

polymorph wrote: Very nice!! ^_^

ksap wrote: cool

capp wrote: NICE !

Marco wrote: HAHA!!! AWESOME! It really works, i just tried it ;) Thank for this one!

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