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 Modern building

  Modern building by polymorph

Category Architecture
Date 2007-06-21 11:11:08
Rendertime 00:11:31
System AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+ 2 Gb Ram
Vray version 1.5 RC3
3dsmax version 3dsmax 8
Comment The idea of the material is the same than the previous, but this is a LOT more complex, this have about... 56 maps the other have 12 :S:S its a crazy mat.

Please, Enjoy!!!! ^_^

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feder031 wrote: Very nice work!

vanmys wrote: nice

arch.mustaaf5 wrote: thanxxxxxx

th3abdo wrote: good da!

tengolethal wrote: this is not MAT file, but you can use it. nice JOB :)

Adrio999 wrote: Thank You! Amazing! :)

freedd008 wrote: nice

damon wrote: You've uploaded a .max file!! With no maps!! Sorry but I must give it a 0.

akiklapute wrote: Just what I need, thx :)

damianpe wrote: this is bullshit. dont rate before downloading.

nguyenkhoa wrote: cho em down voi

kakito wrote: perfect !!!!

M A Rahman wrote: Thanx...but where is the maps? can u arrage that? Thanx in advance

archiaxxx wrote: where can i get the image files?

jojocai wrote: Great job!

Endrance wrote: great!!

fa-mo wrote: thank you for material

Clayman wrote: Just great.

hamoodg wrote: ur amazing

ssszem wrote: привет

maryam wrote: u r genius!

kimutaku wrote: u the man bro

sorrysorryl3 wrote: it will drive me mad`~~yeah~~appreciatr it.

polymorph wrote: Can't open the mat?¿? What are your PC specifications? It's strange :S:S

victornsy wrote: Can't open the .mat

Jophus wrote: This material is ridiculous. Awesome Job.

Need_Help wrote: This seems to be too 'flat' for a building and it looks a bit like those material used for solar power generator, so I can only give 8 for this...

Pirog123 wrote: COOL!

polymorph wrote: Oh and is full procerural of course :P:P

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