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soft woven

  soft woven by hellyas

Category Architecture
Date 2007-06-21 10:43:20
Rendertime 00:51:22
System -
Vray version -
3dsmax version 9
Comment it's ideal for pillows, curtains or sheets, I've set bump displace and opacity, then you can put on every cromatic map for every kind of chromatic combination (if you like a bed full of golden stars :-P)
you cal also decrease displace map for a tidy woven

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visso wrote: thanks

posulu35 wrote: ty

vrayster wrote: nice curtain.

underpee wrote: Thank you

Ahmed-design wrote: v.good

jahn06 wrote: ThankS

mariela_niko wrote: super 10

sexton180 wrote: nice mat

rambo anas wrote: nice mtl :)

hsr wrote: thank you boss ! :d

zema wrote: sweet

gaudo wrote: Nice one, Thanks

donku wrote: yeah

honeygeeko wrote: its great


hubert_witkowski wrote: Thx man for this.

ankushchauhan wrote: NICE WORK BOSS

kylane wrote: Theres nothing saying you cant vote for you own material?

hellyas wrote: well..sorry but I've tried :-)

Need_Help wrote: His vote shouldn't be counted, since its not fair for us that don't vote on our own material. Of course the maker will give a 10 for his material.

kickdown wrote: nice material.. i dont think you have to vote your own material up.

Need_Help wrote: Not bad, quite good :)

nunoxz wrote: nice

olmar wrote: kjkhk

hellyas wrote: sorry, I've left an obvious particular, it's all procedural

hellyas wrote: well, it works better on straight or not on too spherical surfaces..but who need to render a woven rolled into a ball??? ;-P

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