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whitewash paint

  whitewash paint by hellyas

Category Architecture
Date 2007-06-20 18:03:55
Rendertime 00:06:44
System -
Vray version -
3dsmax version 9,0
Comment a full priocedural non plastic paint, necessary for every wall.
just change the color for use it in every render ;-)

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amalia_gdc wrote: thanks

aletzsoda wrote: Cool, i'll try it!

rafaeljoses wrote: gracias!

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haema2019 wrote: good good!!

highlight_37 wrote: GOOD! thanks!

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Marenna 2016 wrote: 8 points

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licho wrote: dzięki

8dmind wrote: super! 10/10

snake_v5 wrote: Helpful!! nice bump by the way!!

+Cassandra wrote: excelente material, recomendado :P

Ciska wrote: Thanks man !

alexprog87 wrote: great!!!!

nata5 wrote: Thank u:)

segogo27 wrote: Greatly simple idea!

Onix wrote: Brilliant! Thanks

legolasza wrote: Thank you so much!

jasjay8708 wrote: thx u

visitor2 wrote: nice. Thank you

new_p_88 wrote: this meterial so good, thank you so much !

afssai wrote: great one thanks

arvinabacra wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

rmanikandan wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

pascualina wrote: my main basic mat for every project. thanks!

mikeylagzzz wrote: very nice material

maxvray wrote: 8 points

maxvray wrote: 10 points

Nilovam wrote: cool mat. tnx

neusx wrote: Amazing and a "must have" material!

angliati wrote: thanxxx!!!!

ahs1974 wrote: COOL

jmpv78 wrote: can anyone tell me if this material is no longer available, ive tried several times to download it, and the file only contains the sample image (the ball with a base)

jmpv78 wrote: is there any trouble with this material, i download it and i just got the image os the sample

Raigoki wrote: this is what i'm looking for

baleno31 wrote: really cool!

diego123 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

el dodger wrote: nice material. thanks a lot

jinxson011 wrote: Thanks!

yasminaaa wrote: like

rourou wrote: 10

Maralle wrote: Thank U!!!

vedolino wrote: what the best UVW size that you use for this material?

snake_v5 wrote: I was looking for something this good!! thanks

colocho wrote: thanks for the texture! I was looking for thanks!

RodC wrote: yeay

genius_cd wrote: i cant implement it on my object :( please tell me how..

ledriw wrote: thanks

henrix21 wrote: thxxxxxxxxxxx

rayramn wrote: bumpy finish thanx

alex2008 wrote: gracias, muy bien.........felicitaciones

lectrolite wrote: Gracias, lo necesitaba...

ninobino wrote: muito bom mesmo

amalie wrote: good staff!!

SRDSG wrote: thanks!

antaviana wrote: is very good, Thansk!!!!

carlacod wrote: this is great!

Francisco1984 wrote: Great Material! im just starting with v-ray and your material is a great help. Thank you hellvas!

xtrix wrote: exelente

Nerone wrote: thanks ^_^

renegade wrote: thanks for this stuff

renegade wrote: thanks for this stuff

Mojoe wrote: Nice for Ceiling!

x_voro wrote: Very useful material for every render!

caleu wrote: great for furniture too

albertoreguero wrote: Really interesting for all kind of interior walls

Gitte wrote: hello, i´m new here...so please help me. when I download fx this material i do not get a jpg of the material, what do I do?

minerva24 wrote: excelent!!!!!!

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ghost13 wrote: thanks

headacheD wrote: Thankz bro!! appreciated!

renegade wrote: good staff

Exsequiae wrote: Amazing!

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captain wrote: nice very versatile

Gatoulis wrote: finaly!! i've downloaded it;-) Thanks mate

Gatoulis wrote: why i cannot download it?? :-(

Gatoulis wrote: Very nice material. Thanks alot;-)

badgirl wrote: great!!!

emersonsilva wrote: great detail

sybian wrote: I love it.... :)

lhars12 wrote: tnx

joaopaulotc wrote: Great!!!

arqhga wrote: me podrias decir como la utilizo o como se hace ya q no se ??

suki2008 wrote: Very Good

carlovsky wrote: niceee! ;)

oddjob-123 wrote: Cheers for the great material!

Nangil wrote: This is very good!

marx3D wrote: Pitty! this explended material cannot be openned... at least by me!

r92i12 wrote: it's just like it has to be

fedekun wrote: Great!

Mickiecp wrote: Love it!!!

bobar wrote: great

vasco.p.pinto wrote: nice

martaf300 wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

Eric072691 wrote: perfect for what I do.

sugi (BANNED) wrote: i really like it

lztxwd wrote: so nice~~~

raze1 wrote: very good!

kruci wrote: VERY VERY nice

kimutaku wrote: i use max 7 can i load this mat file?

boncerouge wrote: for some reason this won't load on my pc - anyone like to tell me how to make my own?

boncerouge wrote: for some reason this won't load on my pc - anyone like to tell me how to make my own?

ds4arch wrote: really nice white shade and bump

akdurrani wrote: you solved my biggest problem , thank you so much

armines wrote: wow !!!!!10

sorrysorryl3 wrote: can 8.0max mat-libruary open this?

architectg1 wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

victornsy wrote: the .mat file aint loading on my max 8.3 ... :(

Need_Help wrote: Nothing special with this material......

mujeeb wrote: Very good material

djbill wrote: very nice...

Denna wrote: 9

Pirog123 wrote: oh damn! i cant DOWNLOAD IT???? noooo X_X

Pirog123 wrote: Super! 10!

maxet wrote: how can ı download thıs meterıal?

hellyas wrote: i've created this simple and banal material because in all of my works I've been penalizated for the irreality of the paint, that looks ever like a plastic wrap :-)

morro wrote: nice

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