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Architectural Sea Water

  Architectural Sea Water by Mediasia

Category Liquid
Date 2007-06-20 08:08:12
Rendertime 00:06:00
System Core2Duo 1.86Ghz - 1Go RAM - Working on PS at the same time ^^
Vray version 1.5 RC2
3dsmax version 3dsmax9
Comment Here's a water material controled by falloff maps in reflection/refraction, i also added a noise map wich you need to tile to fit to your own scene. Included fog color and SSS soft mix to get it more realistic.

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bareboy wrote: I ment 10 points but i over clicked! sorry and thanks! its a great material.

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sunnydivine wrote: Can anyone please suggest me, how to use this material in maya.

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halohuntr wrote: great work! thanks for the spoonfeeding too! we even get the fog color ;)

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arndegothia wrote: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD material¡

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Dudik wrote: thanx! i seek some good water for my diplom project - and this is it!(= very helpful

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alquies wrote: gREAT JOB...IT HELPED A LOT!

danielkk8 wrote: good materials for realistic render

atila1985 wrote: Very Useful!

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hoanglaota2311 wrote: bravo rated 9.5 points

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Mediasia wrote: 4 ? Could you explain dkmistry ? I still can change things if i have any comment about it... what is the main problem for you ?

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