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 Wall with windows

  Wall with windows by polymorph

Category Architecture
Date 2007-06-19 17:44:35
Rendertime 00:13:43
System AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core
Vray version 1.5 RC3
3dsmax version 3dsmax 8
Comment This material is for general purpose. It's a wall with windows, all is procedural and renders very quick. I maked it to quickly make buildings.

Enjoy the material !!

Sorry for my poor english :)

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Patrick22 wrote: excellent

royo wrote: wonderfull!!! great meterial!

jukd77 wrote: Thanks!

anuraglokarevray wrote: there a max file with missing external images ,

anuraglokarevray wrote: thanks , that's something new for me.

olegatorruzumaki wrote: wtf? .max?

orelita3 wrote: bravo !!!!

feder031 wrote: gj

BC-Athey wrote: Looks great! :)

Onix wrote: This is great. Thanks!

Fredex wrote: Interesting procedural texture but the file really should be cleaned up before uploading... a little bit messy. Uploading a .mat instead would of course also solve this...

somacha wrote: nice

oldskoolflash wrote: This is the max file and not the material?!

afonja wrote: Good

rambo anas wrote: nice work :)

deepak3d wrote: yeah mr. genius every thing is there nothing is missing and it is ultimate..... :O

nitinapple wrote: very nice dude

trenoops wrote: Straight Genius!! Thanks

zagabo47 wrote: cant find the testures related thers only max file

cryptonx wrote: @ 360Degreez If you can't figure out how to get a .mat or material out of the submitted MAX file That's your problem , The material is there and it works perfectly well. It's not the Author fault the IQ level here is below standards.

cryptonx wrote: @ 360Degreez If you can't figure out how to get a .mat or material out of the submitted MAX file That's your problem , The material is there and it works perfectly well. It's not the Author fault the IQ level here is below standards.

360Degreez wrote: Are most of the below votes from people who just looked at the preview instead of actually trying the material? There is just a MAX file without HDR maps. Why not just post the material file? this is pretty useless this way.

insect31 wrote: great

teamgandaia3 wrote: thnks...great matt.

drake282 wrote: cant seem to find the hdri maps though.

mauryacravi wrote: great work

karla_cruz wrote: awsome!

wetzel.jc wrote: ok, so how do I use this material in a different scene?

mekram wrote: awesome, very awesome

kuroiei wrote: Wow, man... great! :)

alexbob wrote: so good

alexbob wrote: so good

as_admin wrote: 64654+6464654654654

mutkan wrote: very good

string77 wrote: Nice material! thanks

elphoma wrote: si es realmente bueno me alegro de ke personas como tú ayuden a otras de una forma totalemnte altruista, gracias

daemon1985 wrote: this is very useful!!

joe_2008 wrote: thank

gorveter wrote: cool

blackfire83 wrote: el material lo califico con unos 10 points

badgirl wrote: Cool!!!

polymorph wrote: And to the others too.... :P

polymorph wrote: Well, the same material of bricks can make a random coloring to each brick. :P And.... Thanks for post you comment!!

bojanav wrote: just one question, i can not figure out where did you get brick yellow tint in procedural..... i had a look at your diffuse map, but its not there......... was there some kind of plug in used? or some way of making it and than collapsing the end result? well...... its mystery...... tnx

bojanav wrote: have to say, amazed with the approach to 'modeling'...... v. original... had to really look at your file to figure out how u did it....! congratulations

ray-xtreme wrote: Nice mat man!

kapota wrote: great ---congratulations!!!!10 Points

SirPsyco87 wrote: Genius

sister wrote: Very interesting one. Thanks

eddy444 wrote: very good

polymorph wrote: well I'm not using any bitmap :P

Flamespike wrote: Really cool material! But is it normal some bitmaps are missing? I can't get any results from it :(

polymorph wrote: well, you can change the colour of the brick if you want, its the "map #76", that control the colour of brick. If you want change the shape of the brick you have to change map 76 ,77 for the brick and map 79 that are the noise for the bump map of the brick. Hope I helped you, :P Thanks to all for downloading it!! :D:D

turibbos wrote: GREAT JOB! Is there a way to change the brick texture with another one?

ariesr wrote: AMAZING, crazy stuff, mad, lol verry good job, verry.. nice

demon_1987 wrote: impressive.

zorro205 wrote: i think that prerfect for quick render

linkmandan wrote: excelente material, tranquilo, mitad de la comunidad es de habla hispana.

::zibuyan wrote: Yeah! well done!

fa-mo wrote: thank you for materials

mibelgue wrote: And I didn´t saw this?? VERY good work, congrats.

sqatter wrote: my guru!!!!!!!!!!

sayko5 (BANNED) wrote: ula dalyarak materyal diyee sahne koyuyon buraya küfür ettirtmeyin la

polymorph wrote: well, it's a max file, i'm sure that your problem is that you haven't downloaded the sample scene. Download and decompress the sample scene, then decompress my file on the same dir and then test it, I'm sure that with this, you can check it.

loyas wrote: the files are missing, so how can be rated if isnt useful

villap wrote: it's very cool

thomsult wrote: nice

prp wrote: goood

VisionQuest wrote: Finaly, i can vote. 10 points, excellent job!

Razorx3d wrote: Upload the correct files pls thanks

Razorx3d wrote: Yes files are missing

Ash. wrote: I'm sorry this is a max file not a mat file..he can't seem to find a lot of things when trying to render...

driedgrape wrote: very nice work!

Marco wrote: True, true :*)

Banshee wrote: I´m sure, Schrenkmann der Vollchaot will soon move those mats to the normal architectural category so WE CAN ALL VOTE. :) Thanks ;)

chujovas wrote: why Rating is over? P.S. materials is perfect!

KOPIIIYH wrote: i am in a shock

qamaralam wrote: this will prove a nice shadr for my model i am going to render

Ironaxus wrote: Gratz !!

largomartin wrote: coool

menwa wrote: i like it

adryancyc wrote: nice ;)

thinh09 wrote: cool

AmauriSantos wrote: very, very very god!!!

Clayman wrote: Really cool!

dallas_nama wrote: perfickt

vboyz wrote: goooooooooooooddddddddd

marco_quolle wrote: nice

semphony wrote: when u see it u fell like saying gooooooool. realy excellent excellent work.if i could vote i would give it 10+.Thanx and keep it up

wanpeng23 wrote: �常实用

wanpeng23 wrote: �常实用

adryancyc wrote: Nice one !

arkize wrote: nice material... good luck

sycamore wrote: Ваш gradient ramp иÑ?пользовано superb!!!!!!!!

dominiquelaksmana wrote: awesome

sopedro wrote: This one looks goods, but isn't usefull

kickdown wrote: this is an really excellent material.

zahir3d wrote: extra nice :p

Need_Help wrote: I must give 10 for this.....really a great material. Keep it up :)

mujeeb wrote: relay very good material ...simple but ommmm...

Banshee wrote: simply WOW ! =)

Marco wrote: I'm always impressed by your ideas! I very nice! Thank you!

Pirog123 wrote: SUPER!!!!!!! I WANT DOWNLOAD IT!!!!!!! PLEASE- send to my mail!!

snowman wrote: O-O! Amazing!!! really Amazing!! Congratulations!

snowman wrote: O-O! Amazing!!! really Amazing!! Congratulations!

rmejia wrote: fully procedural !? wow

Vampir0 wrote: Great!

zahir3d wrote: Amazing!

polymorph wrote: Thanks!! to all!! ^_^ i hope the best luck to all participants in the contest!!!!

polymorph wrote: Thanks!! to all!! ^_^ i hope the best luck to all participants in the contest!!!!

fthuzun wrote: thanks god

nunoxz wrote: nice

fares wrote: download

enigmaenigma wrote: very original!! grate material

VisionQuest wrote: Amazing. Nice material

Matie_bucko wrote: Look's really good. Will be interesting to see how its made. Well done!

capp wrote: cool man !

capp wrote: :D

Osprey wrote: WowOwoWowow!

hellyas wrote: great. i've never seen a texture like that.

jojo1975 wrote: Cool !

Jophus wrote: Amazing Material. Good luck in the contest.

aldofarias82 wrote: fully procedural?? how did u get to have those windows??

chuckyp wrote: Thats crazy man!! Awesome...cant wait to try it!

Postart wrote: :D thumbs up! I can't wait till the contest is over so i can download it and play with it!

da joerch wrote: 8-o INSANE!!!

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