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Clouds addon for VRaySky

  Clouds addon for VRaySky by Slava123

Category V-Ray 1.5 Special
Date 2007-06-08 19:30:45
Rendertime 00:01:01
System Core 2 Duo E6400
Vray version 1.5 RC3
3dsmax version 8
Comment A little crazy thing. Environment procedural map. Adds clouds to VRaySky.))) It can be animated... Look at sample pic and MAX file in archive. Early beta.

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cellman wrote: thank you very much

born2design wrote: Been looking 4 this... thank you very much

rsx459 wrote: Nice Job!

edwingad wrote: tnx

Hary setiawan wrote: Terima kasih :)

Arslan Butt wrote: Exellent Work (Y)

Arslan Butt wrote: Exellent (Y)

vanali wrote: voto 8!!

unalilk wrote: nice...

barellas wrote: Perfect!

uzyspawn26 wrote: very nice material

kakito wrote: espero que me sirva en 3d max 2010

Skips wrote: Thanks :)

wynandvervaart wrote: Hi Slava123 there is a missing map in the clouds noise material . correct 2 (output) map slot. what map is supposed to go in there?

Onix wrote: This is great thanks!

karimesam wrote: thnx

adhi2711 wrote: great and be okey

Apolyans wrote: good idea!! thnxx

nikhil shahapurkar wrote: wow!

rbcmas wrote: gracias!

kira555 wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

146 wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

146 wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

tony_zxz wrote: good

mb 1989 wrote: 10

pranab501 wrote: 10

danireekman wrote: like this

maddust wrote: coool

Farfala wrote: niiiiiiiiceeeeeeeee!

unie3 tea wrote: cool

oswaldo2025 wrote: yeah! thanx

freedd008 wrote: unbelievable material

tonyestrada wrote: Excelente material thank's

luatarch wrote: very nice

ccombag wrote: Is there any tutorial? please :)

a7medabdou wrote: how to use it please

tikarli wrote: i didn't know how to use it..and it says that missing DLLs..any help me..plz as soon as possible...

deosrock wrote: 8

deosrock wrote: 8

origins wrote: Color correct plug in is req.

chaulet wrote: very clever and useful Thank you thery much

ided wrote: thanks 4 the mat...

tito2010_tiger wrote: very nice

songdong80 wrote: thanks

racon wrote: with the right settings of this material you'll get the right sky for your scene :) kudos!

mtgtopdeck wrote: sorry, I meant to say "ColorCorrect Plugin"

mtgtopdeck wrote: Max 2010 Color Correction Plugin: http://www.cuneytozdas.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=645

vinod.bajwa wrote: good

vinod.bajwa wrote: goog

bewe wrote: thanks~nice material

navarro967 wrote: i found the color correct plugin its here http://www.cuneytozdas.com/software/3dsmax/#ColorCorrect

steppenwolf20 wrote: Thanks, very useful.

A Rayven wrote: Excellent. Thank You.

n0sens wrote: Amazing stuff, thanks a lot! (and thanks to cArch for the vray color tips)

ryechss1 wrote: it seems to missing a bitmap file for the cloud noise?!

janosik wrote: ehm dont want to be unpolite but when i opened shader there was only something default with name dummy .... can you check that material ?

chuArch wrote: turning down the turbidity to 2 in the vray sky and replacing the missing map with vray color = white then go to the output on this and jack up the output value to 45 i got white clouds and a nice horizon. thank you so much!!

elphoma wrote: it´s fantastic

AngelWitch wrote: Thanks ;)

renè wrote: marvelous..

jonasll wrote: THANKS A LOT.... full control on clouds... though theres an output dll missing... dont know what it was

aqus wrote: wow this is great, i love it 2 :)

darrell wrote: it's a great material! thanx!! but i have a question...if i move the camera (for a fly through animation) the clouds move randomly...is there any solution? thanx again!

gringocjv wrote: muy bueno

lindenlinden wrote: very nice!

pillbox wrote: wow this is great i love it, its an eye catching one.. perfect!!

qwon wrote: perfect material!

Bodom78 wrote: Very nice, I was just starting to look into Vray sky and was wondering why there were no clouds. Your sample is a gem. Thanks heaps for adding this.

bruceh03 wrote: 9. Almost perfect! Get it to reflect and it would be there. Also if you want white clouds replace the missing map with vray color = white then go to the output on this and jack up the output value to 15.

mact944911 wrote: excelente!!!!!!!!!!

creatrix wrote: cooooooooooooool

stino wrote: hey, you used a collorcorrection plugin, but it seems te be missing here..

mytzplik wrote: Great idea! The result isn't so perfect, but thanks!!!!

arthand wrote: very interesting, thanks

headbuster wrote: hmmm Stunning :)! Great Job

teemto wrote: excellent!

pitty wrote: bacan el efecto

carlovsky wrote: amazing

dredd2000 wrote: Impressive! Most impressive!

Jesus wrote: very good

Inscari wrote: I love you.

Doc wrote: Gato08: That's not a map, that's a plugin. You can download it from http://www.cuneytozdas.com/

Gato08 wrote: One of the maps is not in the zip flie.... (Correct_2 file is missing..... )

[_Serial_] wrote: very nice... tnx!

rosebud wrote: Unable to get file to work with max or Viz missing DLL can anyone help???

ataraxia wrote: 10

yohan wrote: nice

Foster117 wrote: Slava123 rulit!!! гыгыгыгы....

_MAZ_ wrote: russia don't foget...

kaluridayakar wrote: New to vray, very nice but how can i get white or grey clouds

sycamore wrote: vvvvvery nature,,,,,

voltron7 wrote: That is really helpful, thanks!

prybicki wrote: very nice

jonno964 wrote: nice one. makes sky a bit more realistic

vinayan237 wrote: v goooooooooood

squeakybadger wrote: any way to get white clouds? I have tried changing all the dark values in the noise settings, but they dont change colour.

opelgt wrote: Thank you, it's great1

Vampir0 wrote: Great Idea!

vhn3183 wrote: very good!!!i like it

aldofarias82 wrote: yeah! keep working on it, u can make vray sky more useful than what it is already, lets forget a bit about hdris for a while

Banshee wrote: I think it is a great idea to combine vray sky with clouds!

Tematichka wrote: клаÑ?Ñ?!))

Slava123 wrote: V pizdu etot mat, spasibo!!!!)))))

Slava123 wrote: Thank you for downvoting...

Slava123 wrote: 3DCreator. It don't reflect. It can't reflect.

Timmeh:P wrote: Great Idea... keep up the good work!!

Timmeh:P wrote: Great Idea... keep up the good work!!

3DCreator wrote: why does it reflect? Clouds dont reflect, do they?

3DCreator wrote: doesn´t look real yet

capp wrote: this needs more approvements. the clouds are looking a little bit too fractale, grey and blurry. they dont look like real clouds, but i think they could if tweaked. i like the idea, and if you take this further it could be a really nice special !!

ivanmotta wrote: So f*cking great! u should be hired by chaos group for this! :)

rmejia wrote: great idea!

cy7410 wrote: Thank you Very much

Slava123 wrote: Here is a pic with different settings - http://www.vray-materials.de/forum/attachment.php?aid=82 I can't update this file, but I've found a bug already - coordinates for noise must be changed to Object instead Word...

sheepsheepsheep wrote: Really gives a greater realism to the enviroments withouth the need for additional post production work, thanks for sharing.

Slava123 wrote: MAX file in arhive based on my everyday exterior template. It needs Gamma enabled =2.2.

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