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Wet Asphalt with puddles

  Wet Asphalt with puddles by Slava123

Category Architecture
Date 2007-06-05 21:32:47
Rendertime 00:03:06
System Core 2 Duo E6400
Vray version 1.5 RC3
3dsmax version 8
Comment This is an update. Makes boring architectural renderings a bit more better :)) Use with UVW Mapping for textures about 2000x2000 mm. And I use MAX with Gamma enabled =2.2. Feel free to change textures and settings, but keep equal parameter Noise Size in 3 "Blend amount" slots. ColorCorrect plugin is required.

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ahmed nagy wrote: thanks

moeinfire wrote: tnx

nivel2 wrote: nive

ghenny wrote: amazing

saragammaz wrote: its very good

gededipa wrote: Wonderfull texture

Aloziep wrote: Wonderful

IR0MANI wrote: Thanx!

said7173 wrote: good

jaberayoub wrote: nice

RAYCORNEL wrote: thanks

0111 wrote: Thanks

IR0MANI wrote: Thanx!!!

KarabasBarabas wrote: Good work!

jonagalletti wrote: Great material! Good work!

longsheep wrote: how get this work??

anton_15 wrote: THanks!!!

aras55 wrote: 10

Kurniaji wrote: great job

reallove211 wrote: thnx

quachtu wrote: nice

modern_slinke wrote: I download this but only includes jpegs, no actual material?!

Gleb wrote: thant you

ebraheem2015 wrote: Thank you very much

pythius wrote: fantastic job!

feder031 wrote: Very nice work!

freakyyyy wrote: Awesome..........!!!!!!!!!!!!

sonmc wrote: missing dll(

gabriellearc wrote: missing dll(

ali7848 wrote: max 2013

ali7848 wrote: missing the textures. please upload again

maximus2105 wrote: missing the textures. please upload again. :)

agroncenaj wrote: Hello Slava123 can you please post a version of this material without ColorCorrect plugin, because there is no version of this plugin for max 2014.

Emmetale wrote: Nice one

sara.gi.espejo wrote: awesome

hek75 wrote: good

vatz wrote: Can't use it because of the ColorCorrect plugin.

ehsanap wrote: this matterial have a problem....error: mis dll fils

tse94264334 wrote: cool!man

wq418 wrote: good!man

ivan9293 wrote: great matt

hisleon wrote: where is the tutorial?

error-404 wrote: Missing textures

dmatkov wrote: thanks :-)

dmatkov wrote: thanks :-)

aqull wrote: IT IS SOO REALISTIC !!!

hamijor wrote: very good job thanks man :)

uturn wrote: cool

.:::one:::. wrote: Missing textures =(

josuka wrote: wow... looks real :D

tengolethal wrote: it's dos't work

Sturm wrote: This looks like it would be a fantastic material, but the ColorCorrect plugin does not work with Max2011 x64. Please update this to use the built-in Bitmap map.

styx_diver wrote: MISSING DLL looks like it"s broke

damon wrote: MISSING DLLs!!

ULP wrote: Missing textures, can you upload the full texture please?

rempage wrote: Hmm.. Some of maps are missing mate.

alligaunal wrote: missing textures ! why?

wendell wrote: ty ty ty

sergazisatrix wrote: ok

Baren wrote: wow...awesome, this is what i am looking for, you're damn good buddy...absolutely good...i like it...gracias

mihaius wrote: heeey.... you changed the hdri lighting to sunlight ... nice touch... anyway the white material is totally f.ucked up... Good job anyway... this material will work on simple scenes.. I tried it. It will make a boring pattern on large surfaces. But hey - it's nice. I gave it 10 a few days ago.

beo wrote: Great

ruturaj wrote: Good Materials man GoOd

ruhl wrote: No textures in this package

madD wrote: good work!

danielz wrote: awesome!!! thanks for sharing!!

muravel5 wrote: пацаны не могу вкурить скачал этот мат в архиве 2 картинки и мат в максе ничего не видит в чем прикол

juiceworld wrote: looks great so far but where is the puddle map?

hardcorpsy wrote: awesome, thanks a lot my friend.

anisotropic wrote: RUSSIAN 3D CREATORS ROCKS!!!

Meklon wrote: Thanks a lot)) Very useful

x-space wrote: cool! That is what I need at the moment. Thanks!

mr.luca wrote: EXCELENT

antonyart wrote: just google for colorcorect plugin its free...

tadeo wrote: when i try to use it a message tells me it doesnt work because the dll is missing, what can i do?

romouty wrote: well done!

ferrosoa wrote: nice material ... but can you tell me how can i set this in ME ??

fa-mo wrote: thank you for materials

AshrafmFahmy wrote: this is amazing thanks a lot

icniuhtli wrote: dam is goog

icchansan wrote: hi slava! Great Material but i dunno how to use this mat >,

chargalm75 wrote: muy buenos Materiales!!!

hellblazerjj wrote: the most realistic texture i have ever seen... Fantastic work. :O

empanah wrote: exelent :D very usefull

Gluteus-Maximus wrote: Very nice material.... When you get it working. :p

shivaray wrote: Hola slava, where are you from? im spanish, and you? i dont understand can i make this material, can you xplain me? thanks

camilo90210 wrote: i didnt find the maps , what can i do

Liam wrote: 10 + 10 = 20

Slava123 wrote: fubert3000 - maybe your scene units is not mm... Scale Noise Size in "Blend amount" slots... I've uploaded a scene in the forum. A voobsche kakoi-to ebuchii etot sait... Mne ne ponravilos'. I materiali nel'zia udalit' blin...(

Slava123 wrote: Ya hotel skazat' - eto tochno, Magic)))

Slava123 wrote: Magic - Ñ?то точно!))

Magic wrote: xxx - ebuchaya ovca ;)

lztxwd wrote: wow!!! so real.......10!!!

fubert3000 wrote: Looks great. But I can't get it work. I achieve no puddles. would you be kind enough to send me your scene? kroesat@Attacke.kroesator.com

whale7 wrote: Ð? у менÑ? почему-то лужи не делаютÑ?Ñ?.. РендеритÑ?Ñ? проÑ?той аÑ?фальт

primacad wrote: i'll keep it..!!

sazismail wrote: nice material dude.. cool to see something different and useful on the site... By the ratings from the other users, it seems that they agree too, keep it up and show us what u can do.

zahir3d wrote: very nice and realistic! thank you

arrival wrote: nice!

OO7 wrote: bravo !!!

elmaya wrote: Yeah i second the opinion on the MAX 9 x64 without the color correct. :)

capp wrote: ah, and Slava123...next time dont vote for your own materials...its kinda nonserious ;)

capp wrote: changing scene setting or not, this one looks amazing for me and real ! it´s one of the best materials in this site i think, no matter the scene lights where changed. it is a fact, that the scene settings dont have the best light solution to show ALL materials from their best side. this material is worth to have 10 points from me !

rmejia wrote: looks better with the sun/sky lighting

Slava123 wrote: Moderators, please delete my old mat! I can't. For preview pic, I used Vray Sun/Sky system only for more realistic illumination, because this mat is used only for exteriors... sorry for my english, I dont know it

Banshee wrote: I´m not happy about changing those light settings... Marco didn´t mind obviously, so this is an exception.. thanks for the material anyway.

jojo1975 wrote: shoul'dnt it be in special effect since it changed the basic settings ;) ?

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