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Wet Asphalt with puddles

  Wet Asphalt with puddles by Slava123

Category Architecture
Date 2007-05-23 20:27:10
Rendertime 00:02:02
System Core 2 Duo E6400
Vray version 1.5 RC3
3dsmax version 8
Comment Makes boring architectural renderings a little better :))). Use on objects with UVW mapping about 5000mmx5000mm. ColorCorrect plugin is required.

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bluemiory wrote: io;p

spillix wrote: Cool but there is not the map of the puddles

karim.aly98 wrote: hope a good eff

Kiria00 wrote: Cool!

alexringo12 wrote: nice

Rickav wrote: nice

neoseb wrote: thanks

jaberayoub wrote: perfect

RAYCORNEL wrote: thanks

medhat dewedar wrote: great

mipekakin wrote: great !

ODNHOK wrote: 189498

0111 wrote: Thanks

josejar wrote: great!

szerzs wrote: Very cool

lollyta2014 wrote: Cool

elhuron76 wrote: thank you! that's a real "YEAH" material

coreindesign wrote: very nice

Senbonzakura wrote: I'll create a similar material based on this one, with cracked asphalt and rippled puddles

archimolar wrote: plz update this cool matrial for new versions

mehranaz wrote: Hello Slava123 can you please post a version of this material without ColorCorrect plugin, because there is no version of this plugin for max 2014.

freakyyyy wrote: BadAss!!!!

maximus2105 wrote: Hello Slava123 can you please post a version of this material without ColorCorrect plugin, because there is no version of this plugin for max 2014.

bac2434381 wrote: nice

agroncenaj wrote: Hello Slava123 can you please post a version of this material without ColorCorrect plugin, because there is no version of this plugin for max 2014.

Partmann wrote: DLL missing

mrneefu wrote: nice!

gotasister wrote: Says DLL missing when I open the mat file...

Yarka_Doyarka wrote: +

tengolethal wrote: Great material

maxvray wrote: 9 points

montoto_sk wrote: I tried it with Max 2012 and the latests ColorCorrect plugin and it just crash my max every single time I try to use it. Thank you anyway. It seems to be a very nice material.

Tarontis (BANNED) wrote: It looks good but needs updating or better instructions for the missing texture maps

laviva wrote: looks very good, but it makes render slower

b4rdi3l wrote: with pudles..looks realistic..thx

ULP wrote: Looks great, but getting the message about missing a DLL. how you get round this. Max2009

vedolino wrote: It says a "Color Correct DLL is missing"..

petitcontrat wrote: awsome mtl ! thanks a lot for the lesson

G2Hs wrote: Spasibo!

Outcast wrote: Wow! coo1!! rarely meet realistic material like that!

Metall wrote: great stuff i could really use this but a question how does it work i got the plugin but i dont know wich jpeg file to select to get the proper diffusemappings and stuff? pls help?

vazduhuri wrote: Good idea and great job. But why use the Color Correct plugin?

adbanks wrote: Ha ha! Superb mate 10 pts

seanhepburn2006 wrote: Brilliant shader!

jbr wrote: great! ;)

offwhite wrote: missing dll

el_chinito wrote: Sorry, but due a missing map for the wet channel, this mat doesn´t work propper.

fa-mo wrote: thank you for materials

Bellord (BANNED) wrote: ЕÑ?ли не хочеш делитÑ?а картами - то не кидай понты выÑ?тавлÑ?Ñ? проÑ?то визуалку - пуÑ?тышку

tyson85 wrote: Ohhhh i got it to work great texture.

tyson85 wrote: This needs to be updated doesn't work with max 8 or 9.

fatin wrote: coooooool

MAZZZY wrote: rated this material with 8 Points

RayOfLight wrote: outstanding!!

jkburton wrote: Very nice!

phoenyx wrote: ive got the plugin but it doesnt work

fico_mr wrote: me ha funcionado para exteriores. Excelente

mrmax wrote: I m a new user of V-Ray. Thanx Slava123. I hope I will also upload my materials soon.

hegmar wrote: nice but it doesnt really work fine, the hole material reflect ...

Sokka06 wrote: Realistic!

Osprey wrote: Sorry... Roler Mouse Error!!! I think rate 9 points! Banshee or other moderators, can you repair? :(

phantom wrote: a

SCD wrote: Very good! Ilike this material!

Marco wrote: ColorCorrect-Plugin:

Hades1280 wrote: Excellent!!!

OO7 wrote: Molodec !!!

Marco wrote: Coool!

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