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  Marble by Mersus

Category Stone
Date 2006-09-03 10:46:14
Rendertime 00:19:07
System AMD388+ 1Gb
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Может, конечно, и не marble, но вот такой мат получился.

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tayfunbesli wrote: Really COOL!

unicoman wrote: Love the Marble

1cK0n wrote: ty

eaalamoudi wrote: thank you

schreck wrote: wow cool thanks a lot

meroobear236 wrote: missing material no good

o_sara wrote: my first down load.

Archcode wrote: Thankyou so much

blackwof85 wrote: great creation!! 10

vini55 wrote: really good

sugatito wrote: Muy bonito.

yesasd wrote: thanks

mohi.lauri wrote: nice

Tall_Man wrote: Looks like it's using Digimations The Essential Textures add on which goes for $200. Plus it says 3ds Max 2009 and higher are not supported.

43zmsa wrote: nice material it has unique texture :)

spline monkey wrote: Looks like it could be a good maerial but missing a dll!

surendran wrote: thanks

pasqualino.sacchetti wrote: very good

hany2222 wrote: this the mose handy material in architecture

3d dud man wrote: missing dll please help or send them on the forum awesome mat

My-My wrote: Marble very ggood

maxvray wrote: Very Cute.Thanks

Denilson wrote: oh yah

fa-mo wrote: thank you

Cimfro wrote: prekrasno!

Cimfro wrote: канает

chandni wrote: cute

junker wrote: 9 points

dckjain wrote: its really nice

Pirog123 wrote: did u see "comment"? ??????, ?????, ??.... xD Cool material i think. My rate- 10!

miarchal wrote: hope it would b nice

drooo wrote: живенько

steelbug wrote: неплохо

coolarch wrote: what can I say, I like marble! :)

valladis wrote: kruto!

Ani_Mator wrote: Great material.

xplight wrote: очень похоже на кафель ;) у мня - в ванной практически такаяже текстура ;)

Dmitriy wrote: Братва,да нас тут много!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kosh wrote: Надо из него сделать лед ).. попробуем

cyy wrote: Very Nice!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH :D

Dominik.Martinez wrote: green marble spots...?

vurto10 wrote: nice mat... thx

visualride wrote: Thanks.

alikashan wrote: some dlls are missing what r they

uri_uri wrote: Декоративная плитка

Levui wrote: скорее светлый кафель который местами отбили :)

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