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Steel Brushed By SCD

  Steel Brushed By SCD by SCD

Category Metal
Date 2007-05-21 17:41:36
Rendertime 00:05:06
System Intel/QuadModel:4
Vray version 1.5 RC3
3dsmax version Max9
Comment A simple Steel Brushed material.
Un semplice Acciaio Satinato.

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arq.edgdav wrote: Thank you!=)

kto_b_dal wrote: super!

kayasrn wrote: 10

kokuw wrote: thanx

chtiddp wrote: NO TILE

karapashov wrote: like

parlor_m wrote: cool!!!

mindcrime wrote: bakalım nasılmış

pranab501 wrote: 10

raghzz wrote: Thank you so much

ScionOfWar wrote: I like this, very nice material.

kaliss wrote: Great mat, it has nice balance between quality and speed.

natty9 wrote: Great steel!

bto wrote: cool

miller1982 wrote: absolutely fantastic!!! 10/10, thanks mate

aldz wrote: rated this with 9 points

Aindreas wrote: bellissimo materiale fatto proprio bene

sajesh wrote: nice material

krloz__krloz wrote: i new on this and im checking it

Brey1013 wrote: nice material, thanks

emanon0 wrote: Just great . thx a lot

atroix wrote: love it

eh7iya wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

khanga wrote: is ok !!

cavron wrote: este se ve super bien., lo quiero probar en una escena que estoy haciendo.

Leanorias wrote: I think it's an ideal metal material. IMHO.

Justagirl wrote: This is an awesome Material!

themegaforce wrote: Very good simple material ! thx

Sergio Hidalgo wrote: i´m new in this pluging, so � don´t speak english very well but, i´m really interesting to contact this comunity to learn and may be help you thanks

tecus wrote: very very good

shingo-yyy wrote: Nice to meet you. It is a very good material.

madstone wrote: very good ^^

raze1 wrote: so cool~

egoy wrote: thanks a lot

chandni wrote: wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

spovv wrote: good

architectg1 wrote: 10 points for this one

redsky wrote: ta chuck

darkmoon wrote: thanks

ruben86 wrote: very good the matherial

KRESAT wrote: Very good ;)

ebz wrote: nice!

pigloo wrote: I get the same problem as cvf I have a problem to use this mat:"Error Loading ParamBlock2. Invalid file - only partially loaded". Please help i get this alot, do i have a different version?

moscoiso wrote: very nice, very good :)

ivanyu1976 wrote: very nice ,very thanks,i have looking forward for long time

cyf wrote: hi:) I have a problem to use this mat:"Error Loading ParamBlock2. Invalid file - only partially loaded".

badgirl wrote: I think it very beautiful I like it.

jean kiss wrote: como hago para que me salga la textura igual a la que muestran en 3dmax9

atufraza wrote: Sir I want to learn vray. Plz give some good tutorial.

jean kiss wrote: como puedo bajarlo

mrmax wrote: i hope these materials are not version specific

13804539001 wrote: tie

dung10 wrote: dung10@yahoo.com

GrummDrigg wrote: i can make the same by myself! but am too busy 8(( thats why i want to use yrs!! TNX

Banshee wrote: intes? What´s your problem?

intes (BANNED) wrote: http://www.vray-materials.de/register_complete.php?regkey=2b7ca8ec961d66d96dc79c039175eb6e

Banshee wrote: ok that´s a really nice one!

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