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  Pickle by LevaLeva

Category Organic
Date 2007-05-17 18:41:09
Rendertime 00:09:00
System amd 4200
Vray version 1.48
3dsmax version 8sp3
Comment is it a pickle or a toad?
Anyway, a shot of white liquid will ucover how much is da fish :)

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eppur01 wrote: Funniest Shit I've Ever Seen

f1_senna wrote: tx

msvera wrote: thankx

pablopezh wrote: Great, thank you!

katysha wrote: beautiful! thank you! :D

WEEDGROW wrote: Ммм... огурчик))) Очень мило.

freakyyyy wrote: nice!!!!

max0ne wrote: 10 баллов соотечественнику)

uturn wrote: cool

Poltergeist wrote: Так бы сразу и написали, что ЗАКУСКА!!! Превосходно!!!

serhio-80 wrote: сразу видно шо свои.....:-)

saintdieg wrote: Very nice material

blaze0007 wrote: И под водочку ! =)

blaze0007 wrote: И под водочку ! =)

reinoks wrote: vodka nmmm ?

enigmaenigma wrote: fantastic!! thanks!

kikkonius wrote: Awesome, the tutorial is really good and the mat is just great.

fatboy200 wrote: Thats hillarious! Awsome texture

wasteland wrote: Good! Well done...

Pirog123 wrote: 2 yoyo: its not glass- its vodka. )))

Jael wrote: nice done :D

mrmax wrote: Thanx LevaLeva

DeATh_MoRoZ wrote: It's a best friend of Russian "Vodka" =)

legordan wrote: Kruto) Thanx

jojo1975 wrote: so funny !!! leva leva your material rocks :)... the small glass looks sooooo cute

Spartak wrote: Zaebiz)

RayOfLight wrote: nice one!

cryptocid wrote: maladca! ))

cryptocid wrote: малаца!

visart wrote: Good work, LevaLeva! 10+ !

LOVECATCH wrote: 10 Points!

LevaLeva wrote: here's the tutorial ''creating step by step'. (in russian, but with the pics) http://render.ru/books/show_book.php?book_id=542

capp wrote: ? i think its 5 points toad and a 10 points pickle

kino wrote: It's 9 points pickle, 10 points toad :)

spel wrote: ltve leva you crazy men РЕШÐ?ЕШ!

IvanS wrote: Best pickle material I've ever seen :D

LevaLeva wrote: http://img219.imageshack.us/my.php?image=post75441179437242iw7.jpg big sample

LevaLeva wrote: http://img219.imageshack.us/my.php?image=post75441179437242iw7.jpg big sample

martian_aphid wrote: awesome, and cool render :D

Funnycat wrote: Гы! hah that's some funny stuff!

itg wrote: !

capp wrote: :-D !! looks not spectacular on the main object, but as a pickle its really good !!!! good work !

Pirog123 wrote: Ahahaha cucumber and vodka xD! 10 POINTs!!! xD

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