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swimming pool water

  swimming pool water by sazismail

Category Liquid
Date 2007-05-17 11:49:42
Rendertime 00:17:49
System Sony Vaio Laptop Intel Core 2 Duo 1.66GHz 512MB Ram 64MB Graphics
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 8
Comment I\'m very new to max and so only been using it properly a few days, however i was experimenting with making a outdoor swimming pool and made this material. Any comments or suggestions to how to improve would be appreciated. Thnx

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KAWSAR HAMID wrote: Awesome

MARIA CASANOVA wrote: gracias

mariocologne wrote: Perfect, thx man

hoangtxkg wrote: thank

gsimbron wrote: thanks

pop26 wrote: thank

kokuw wrote: thanx


domino3713 wrote: simple í best

esennnnnn wrote: superior!

louisevelasquez wrote: thank you!

zeiv wrote: Tnx :)

bloodi3d wrote: Thank you :)

biskvit90 wrote: Thank you!

zooooooooorg wrote: круть!

cecar wrote: good

cecar wrote: good

mohamedmhelmy wrote: NICE

zimo991 wrote: really good! my compliments

benchmark wrote: perfect for my works... thanks hope to learn from this later...

itsmechi88 wrote: tnx

annya0719 wrote: thaks love it

Tiago4D wrote: Very very good!

juniorwar wrote: muito bom mesmo

vrayCG wrote: I'm new to max and v.ray please can you help ! how to install or use v.ray downloaded materials,i downloaded this one but its showing as audio format....

Tails wrote: thx I apreciate it

pancha wrote: good

vishnujayath wrote: good

roksett wrote: Thanks for this material!

gabykosaladarma wrote: thank you

maksimov_a.a wrote: Leave a comment This should be a nice community so please behave like that. =)

maksimov_a.a wrote: Is required

mastermetrica wrote: tnks

carra1905 wrote: cool

melabrague wrote: good

hopshara wrote: ok

trucmai wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

marquee wrote: thanks...

praew wrote: *--*

asetiadi wrote: the content file is music ?

asetiadi wrote: I'm interrest this mat from http://3d.dtuts.com/3d-tutorials/how-to-create-a-swimming-pool-model-in-3ds-max/ and I hope can try..thk you

wvilarins wrote: thank u. great material.

sam2massy2001 wrote: Wonderful material mate... Was looking for this...

Anmar84 wrote: Thanks! very good material :)

ht wrote: amazing

chbcaik wrote: Thanks so much, very nice material.

juangarqui wrote: thanks!

ahmedmagdy10 wrote: excellent material

minwoo_ht wrote: 9point

topy_titanic wrote: Thanks

celsopontes wrote: good!!!

cappuccino84 wrote: thanks !

huynhnea wrote: Thanks a lot

kumarcreator wrote: i like this material

thelastbarbar wrote: pefect

jaizuki wrote: El material es una pasada, esta muy bien hecho

PARANYOO wrote: wowww

zaidib wrote: Thanks...what a cool material...(-:

tinton sativa wrote: hmmm nice mat thanx

artitaya wrote: thank

crackin wrote: Great material> Keep up the good work!!

djedjex wrote: i drink it XD

Shihabyousef wrote: good material,tnx dude

yanniwoman wrote: thanks~

shimooo wrote: nice water

layerc wrote: what is tihis? where image?

femeer wrote: nice materials..coool

femeer wrote: nice materials..coool

trevstr wrote: this is a good material

pilareta wrote: rated this material with 9pts

v1ncent87 wrote: nice:D thxxx for the swimming pool !

assaultzero wrote: 10

aerofloto wrote: goof

aerofloto wrote: goof

iamsham wrote: great job.

tareksabra wrote: nice one

aleccard wrote: muyy buenoooo

tomi0123 wrote: �り����助�り��☆

vinayan237 wrote: goodddddddddddddd

yasemin (BANNED) wrote: f

pretty_goby0801 wrote: this material is so pure and cool

Adsu wrote: good

aigo wrote: клевый материал

Cloud_nb wrote: I really like it , great post

7170 wrote: it works!

junker wrote: 7 points for you ,thanks

com320 wrote: he dat s okay ..... its good... smile :)

Sanjar wrote: senks ya dolgo delal takoy material okazalos tut daje luchshe :)

sazismail wrote: ok....no need 2 vote 0, cant see u actually uploadin any materials so u clearly have no idea in the effort of tryin to do something....as for the others, thnx for appreciating my material and giving me advice on how to improve it.

sazismail wrote: yeah i would adjust the colour of this in relation to your use.. i tweaked it a little by making it more blue for swimming pool use.

sazismail wrote: yeah i would adjust the colour of this in relation to your use.. i tweaked it a little by making it more blue for swimming pool use.

goldshadow1 wrote: Nice water material, but it looks like drinking water. I would google some pool water textures, then apply them to this material to add some realism.

sazismail wrote: thnx ppl for the vote's so far, didnt think it wud get such a high rating...

Pirog123 wrote: DAMN COOL!

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