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  Wool by Mersus

Category Cloth
Date 2006-09-03 10:29:56
Rendertime 00:16:45
System AMD 3800+ 1Gb
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Рогожка эдакая... :-)

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supunz wrote: Thank you very much

thinhmienphi wrote: fggf

elenadeniz wrote: не получается сделать материал объемным;( почему?

m85 wrote: thank you

minhminh938526 wrote: nice

tusharvatalia wrote: fine

tzimo wrote: !

scooppa wrote: thx

ruisu wrote: ok

conan3d wrote: really nice

elyptic wrote: Material doesn't match thumbnail .. flat shiny wool

juanchocasti wrote: good job!!!!

uturn wrote: cool

Alexia wrote: This cloth looks complicated, very good work!

bulbade wrote: please tell how it could be done like this pic ? ı loved ıt but ı couldnt get the same ???????*

remgio wrote: thanks its a 10

zemm wrote: Vaashe super)) kruto, chuvak )) Thanks

tooka wrote: It's hard to find such kind of texture.properate bump and displacement map. it's all about.

Anastazien wrote: It's very GOOD!

blaze0007 wrote: Ogromnoe spasibo ;)

h417451361 wrote: These materials provided by friends, thank you very much!

vallejothomsen wrote: the material has two maps, wich one is suposed to be used as a mask? I cant get the final result

vicash wrote: cool

RaaFayr wrote: прикольна ))

cletoxxx wrote: great

nevermore89 wrote: nice

mascotavirtual wrote: muy bien!!!

mibelgue wrote: complicated material, but great try

danica wrote: extra!!!

jelena wrote: 10

yanes wrote: very good tks

artemis wrote: Ñ…Ñ?ебе! но в моих ебучих Ñ?ценах материалы выглÑ?дÑ?Ñ‚ Ñ?овÑ?ем не так(( 10

chandni wrote: cool

Olegtoyz wrote: BEST WOOL

tom1001 wrote: good

fcobos wrote: perfect!

motions wrote: The maps here, but where is the dispersion?!?!? Anyway, great material... 8 from me!

MeckaLecka wrote: Nevermind..wrong one without the maps I found here..

MeckaLecka wrote: This would be a great material..if it had the maps with it. :)

MeckaLecka wrote: This would be a great material..if it had the maps with it. :)

stationmiek wrote: One of the best materials on here - how it looks on a modelled jumper remains to be seen!

gideong wrote: real wool? :)

gideong wrote: real wool? :)

cryptocid wrote: хорошо получилось!

Ta+Da wrote: good

madD wrote: просто супер!

bazuka wrote: great shader man keep the good work

Flatshader wrote: REALLY COOL !!!!

whale7 wrote: Прикольно!!

Mark_Noland wrote: Very Nice!

frederick2501 wrote: hohoho.... wooolllll.....

eboye wrote: EXTRA!!!!!!!

C_you wrote: wow! 1000 hurra for this Mat !!!!

wolfsoull wrote: cool material

drere wrote: cool

andatalam2 wrote: espectacular el mimb

lobao.designer wrote: WONDERFULL!!

omra wrote: looks great

Wermingus wrote: ВАУ! СУПЕР!

romanza wrote: Великолепно

doice wrote: AWESOME!!!

Jdig wrote: Wow dude. 10 all the way. I love the displacement.

thegrandmaster1 wrote: How do you people learn how to make these materials!

jmghobrial wrote: very very good

capp wrote: очень хороший! very nice !

[HP] wrote: IMPRESIVE!

ariesr wrote: Gooooodd.. verry good , impressive

Emerson4br wrote: cool a lot!

paconavarro wrote: What a nice material tnks a lot!!!

dreamouse wrote: very nice

copass wrote: yeah baby, yeah!:)

visualride wrote: Baaah... I want my hair back. Thanks.

peak wrote: real looks like wool. cool

Nikotin wrote: хорошая вещь... Псиб.

CHECKago wrote: Супер!!

fa_fa wrote: 好好的

emerey wrote: awesome

voltron7 wrote: super!

Jago_0108 wrote: Not 10.... 11 is my rating

jonnybefree wrote: nice one!

Banshee wrote: VERY very nice. One of my favourites here. Thanks!

zwok wrote: Я кушать хочу

ismail wrote: wow!

CADinho wrote: Good ! i like it... :-

小耗子 wrote: 实在是太棒了!

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