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 Grass Block

  Grass Block by komink

Category Architecture
Date 2007-05-02 17:58:46
Rendertime 00:09:33
System AMD Athlon 64 2GHz
Vray version 1.47
3dsmax version 7
Comment Exterior pavement material.

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birritas333 wrote: so nice!!

MartaMiranda wrote: Loved

weslytrbl wrote: goks!

Silky wrote: awsome!!

Patrick22 wrote: thanks

milacsantana wrote: Hi, could anyone please explain how to use it? Thanks!

puraland wrote: Thx

cizel wrote: i love this but i don't know how to use it. it doesnt load properly, a little help anyone please?

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asephenhen wrote: keren tks

limawidodo wrote: good bro

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diego1280 wrote: thaaaaaanks a lot

amol687 wrote: it is very good

risna10 wrote: awesome, highly recommended paving

risna10 wrote: awesome, highly recommended paving

batfred wrote: Excellent!

kcirtaplehcar wrote: nice

renatocevallos wrote: estaba buscando esto para una propuesta de piso en un plan urbano. increible

unocien wrote: excellent

koulis wrote: very good

koulis wrote: very good

skurl wrote: cant figure out how to use this

antonceballos wrote: I meant to say that it wouldn't look like the test! sorry

antonceballos wrote: I couldn't get it to load properly, and when I did it manually it would look like the image, maybe because od the HDRi files missing?

rodsantos wrote: GOOD imagination

ataress wrote: GooD material)

arsalanraeisi wrote: when i use this material it dosent work normaly.... any body can help...??

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iammohan wrote: nice:)

arya3d wrote: I like it,,it's great

arya3d wrote: I like it,,it's great

jessica_23076 wrote:

iamaek wrote: Thank you

drosseros wrote: how to import? 2011 max

supot wrote: cool

authluckgim wrote: สุดยอด

nars1000000000 wrote: nice one. i was searching for.

totony wrote: Thank you

lekahero1 wrote: thank

grassrd wrote: nice

grassrd wrote: nice

toulouse2k wrote: Grass is always appreciated....and I mean that in the virtual sense.

fafaana wrote: thx

par_nirattisai wrote: it very builtiful

renderos wrote: Nice material with good details..

tigercry wrote: greatt

xianjmz wrote: nice job! thanks!

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billosoto wrote: I LOVE YOU

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jamming2 wrote: Thanks.... nice mat... saved my ass!

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isucur wrote: thanx man, beatiful

teddys wrote: simply wonderful

ODI120522 wrote: tnx for the mat.!

akiklapute wrote: Nice Job ! I love it !

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mibelgue wrote: great, very real.

facuscar78 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

roadkill wrote: mama mia

Diablero wrote: Awesome, was looking for it!

semphony wrote: thanks komink,realy helped me a lot with this excellent mat.Always refer credit for u on this one in my work.

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