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 outdoor's lighted leds

  outdoor's lighted leds by rafawbraga

Category Architecture
Date 2007-05-02 03:37:12
Rendertime 00:08:07
System Pentium 4 HT, 3,4GHz
Vray version 1.5 RC
3dsmax version Max 9.0
Comment It's a led material for lighted outdoor panels.
Easy to use. You can just change the background image to a bitmap or a movie, and change the mask tiling to the leds keeps round and be in the desired size.

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trescubos wrote: great mat

Onix wrote: This is amazing! Thanks

Lightingartist08 wrote: great thanks for this

uturn wrote: cool

Kaival_t wrote: so nice

patricia9769 wrote: perfect!!!

seldacan wrote: it looks really great

freedd008 wrote: outstanding

annia wrote: amazing

dcabrg wrote: Looks great ;)

miranda1002 wrote: Very Good!! But it works better in lighter images. Thanks!!!

fdghd wrote: perfect thank you

kakito wrote: wow !!!!!

yoonasts wrote: excellant fift

fa-mo wrote: thank you for materials

ankushchauhan wrote: G8 THANKS MAN

ahmedberat wrote: ıt wıll be so useful tnx u so much

mrmax wrote: Thanx

_Lightbulb_ wrote: Great idea, nice job and... pertinent comment from Capp! ;o-))

rmejia wrote: interesante!

dogimo wrote: gr8 job :)

eronbb wrote: muito bom

komink wrote: Good idea! i like this..

martian_aphid wrote: error loading param block :S capp wouldn't it depend on the size of the tiling used for the led mask?

capp wrote: nice fake. keep in mind, that one LED only can hold one color at time ;-) so, this one will not work in closeups

darky007 wrote: (tectures problem) with the jpg that are in the map and i always have to search which vray material i have to use and i dont get al this stuff im a noob !! :P

darky007 wrote: hey is it right that with my 3ds 8 i always have to put them in the right order and apply them again in wont get directly my materials its dum can someone help me or do i need to do it allways like now?

Marco wrote: Easy but impressive :D Good Idea!

martian_aphid wrote: awesome, i saw someone discussing this idea in a forum using an movie to animate the leds but using a script, but this is a very clever way to do it with a material, gj and thanks for sharing

Siger wrote: Very useful, thanks

Banshee wrote: great, thanks!

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