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  Bronze by Jophus

Category Metal
Date 2006-09-02 22:36:34
Rendertime 00:07:00
System Built CPU
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Just a simple glossy Bronze

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Andreamala wrote: thanks a lot

stakgn wrote: Thanks

ducchinh.aro wrote: thank

Tishku wrote: yep its godd

eviko wrote: thanks

demirfatih40 wrote: vfvfdvfbf

Mantul wrote: thanks

Vikinidzee25 wrote: thanks

veeru stark wrote: thank u

jarakbay wrote: Thanks bro

talhamtn wrote: thanks

lekimhai11 wrote: Thanks!

milasousa wrote: Beautiful

tansufidan wrote: thankyou

Natália Correa wrote: GFHH

faisalesmail wrote: 11

dagoberto_mares wrote: tanks

ggroup2011 wrote: TRRT

jackle_tua wrote: thanks

petravets wrote: tghtyr dghrtyh ery

kendra789 wrote: Beautifully done. Thank you.

fds2013 wrote: Great thanks a lot!

martinpelcl wrote: nice! ;)

xfreeboys wrote: woow

maxvray wrote: 10 points

Artem_Sheshunov wrote: cool

murtzia wrote: thank you very much!!

kvietka wrote: 10 points

matof wrote: sorry, previous comment not for this material

matof wrote: Dont work( max2011 vray2

donijoni wrote: всё ok

music1live wrote: Good material

dly87 wrote: d

dly87 wrote: d

MAXVRAY wrote: rated this material 10points

Formaceft wrote: cool

gthanos wrote: I,d prefer a bronze version without fake glossiness - only with IOR reflections

tetsue wrote: thx :)

dcabrg wrote: thx ;)

th_vray wrote: sfasf

babayoke wrote: thanks i like it..

keldererik wrote: looks great

lolko77 wrote: Thanks

renegade wrote: thanks for this b-ful stuff

renegade wrote: thanks

renegade wrote: thanks!

renegade wrote: cool mat

calimenio wrote: great material THX very much !!!!!

fa-mo wrote: thank you

das3d wrote: Best of bronze

rufflesgnr wrote: i lke it

biasizzo wrote: version of 3dmax???

mailfer wrote: THANKS!!!

ghostcat wrote: if wlii by little more dirty i give you 9

n_clifton_p wrote: Thank you very much

cyy wrote: Very Nice!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH :D

bentrox wrote: thanks,

visualride wrote: Thanks.

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