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  Velvet by rafawbraga

Category Cloth
Date 2007-04-05 13:44:40
Rendertime 00:06:40
System Pentium 4 HT, 3.46 GHz
Vray version 1.5 RC
3dsmax version Max 9.0
Comment Its a velvet material create with inverted falloff.

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ahmed badr wrote: ok

zeyadelsheekh wrote: good

OksanaN wrote: Thank you, it looks very rich!

shay054 wrote: NICE

uyaei wrote: thanks

compadre wrote: NICE

Ranx007 wrote: :)

alpyharis wrote: kiduuu

peter.connelly wrote: Nice!

Aswaforce5954 wrote: that's really very good

schreck wrote: thanks

schreck wrote: Cheers mate, this is awesome!!

katysha wrote: Beautiful perfect! Thank you :D

vachello wrote: Nice! Yhank you!

nataly88 wrote: thank You! nice))

mtstyle wrote: yes we can

pangestuaprian wrote: thankyou

Rohanpawar465 wrote: 9 point

Elphas13 wrote: This velvet is amazing! I think this is one of the best velvets I have seen!!!!!!

hanhsu wrote: thank

merco wrote: mükemmel

JalbertDP wrote: Muy buen Trabajo

uradax wrote: nice

fantazer1980 wrote: 10x

fantazer1980 wrote: 10x

enigma3d wrote: this is great!

noomrecord wrote: great

saraawad90 wrote: wow

Tadeska wrote: 9

solomimo wrote: very nice material

x-space wrote: very nice!

assasina123 wrote: nice

ricg2005 wrote: Like This material Good for luxury hotel. Good job

7esmla wrote: lovw this material, thk chaosgroup

carballeiratojo wrote: Me gusta

dim-ra wrote: =)

glosmolt wrote: rafa braga jaja esa no la habia oido. buen material

mai nguyen wrote: Thanks very much

Yasser wrote: Exact like what I need, perfect.

dave schaeken wrote: what about Rhino? Can you import it?

AngelWitch wrote: Tnx

Aeni wrote: Great material! Simple yet accurate, fast and great to use for cloth-based ground in a studio setting. Thnx

h417451361 wrote: These materials provided by friends, thank you very much!

roygeorgecg wrote: Great Job Dear...

lori wrote: Thank you!

designer_ya wrote: vray 7

goomee wrote: This truly is an excellent rendition of Velvet. Thank you for posting it.

bella83 wrote: looks like a really nice material! but I dont how to import it into vray. When I download it it becomes a microsoft access file?! Any tip?

facuscar78 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

forzafb wrote: nice material

escanive wrote: Very nice material!

doutorenigma wrote: thanks for sharing, very nice of you.

chandni wrote: coollllllllllllllllllllllll

michaelceasar wrote: i have been experimenting with velvet materials and i want to check this particular shader to see waht makes it work. wish me luck guys

neomass wrote: Same error " Error loading param block" too bad cuz i like this material very much!!

royjosephv wrote: gogood

net_ralf wrote: Works only with max 9

jodestroy wrote: i cant load the files in my material. Error loading Param block2...

MedKan wrote: Very nicely done!

MedKan wrote: Very nicely done!

FALLENKNIGHT wrote: so soft...

Sap wrote: Found out that is is b/c of my Max Version 8. If you got that Version around somewhere and could compile with it that would be nice.

Sap wrote: Doesn´t work: Error Loading ParamBlock2 and Invalid File - only partially loaded

pato wrote: rated this material 10 points

Khristofor wrote: it's too clear

martian_aphid wrote: nice

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