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  Lawn by Jophus

Category Architecture
Date 2006-09-02 21:59:03
Rendertime 00:04:59
System -
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment This is a simple material done with a VrayDisplacement modifier AT .75" eNJOY

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DrOwl wrote: LoL WTF ? Man, what is this ???

pauli55escudero wrote: good

socrates diaz wrote: very nice materials thanks

eunhyun1211 wrote: good

vishnukumar wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

Erwin Fernando wrote: Nice

reinbovisuals wrote: Good one

piamdicn wrote: naturealistic! :D

Sid_pandit wrote: As he say, simple material with Vray Displacement map, os use the maps on simple v ray matt and put bump in Displacement ;-) , simple

dipusivdas wrote: very good

archimostafa wrote: where's the mat file?

lefteris.betsis wrote: Very useful material Thank you

richard1977 wrote: thaks

cosmico wrote: there is no .mat file in the folder! What the f.. is this?

Rigor100 wrote: yeah cool but where's the mat file? only jpg files in the zip... :(

Rigor100 wrote: yeah cool but where's the mat file? only jpg files in the zip... :(

Rigor100 wrote: yeah cool but where's the mat file???

louis3000 wrote: thak

fa-mo wrote: thank you

fish wrote: insane

chandni wrote: dam real

johno wrote: Great texture, works very well on large areas of grass.

liat wrote: there is no .mat in the package

mortenns wrote: Thanks a lot for uploading - keep up the good work!! Best Morten

emi171 wrote: thanks a lot

troyr wrote: thank you jophus

oleks wrote: that is exactly what i am looking for

andres604 wrote: Incluyan el archivo mat ¿Qué opinan si todos hiciéramos lo mismo? ¡Debemos ahorrar tiempo!

vivek_8085 wrote: nice material

SunGlare wrote: I like thin ends of the grass leafs. Quite real I say.

prafa wrote: it looks very nice

Mopc wrote: there is no .mat file in archive

cyy wrote: Very Nice!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH :D

simonaskham wrote: No Material just textures?

3Dmonster wrote: there is no map ????

3Dmonster wrote: nice

mtbrider wrote: No Mat!

3d-uardo wrote: Bom trabalho Goog ( Job)

3d-uardo wrote: Very Goog Jub

animkamal wrote: no .mat anyways its very good

Kepe wrote: awsome grass.

sarlyadre wrote: Cool grass, thanks

Effektfabriken wrote: Very nice! Thanks!

t_osino wrote: thank you

czwang wrote: NO.mat

will2k wrote: i like the material that you make....

stateofmind wrote: good looking

sanchog wrote: Very nice one. Looks comical in this 3d model. :). Good work.

mcs wrote: thanx !! my appologise !!

Levui wrote: use video tutorial http:__www.evermotion.org_stats.php?url=http:__www.evermotion.org__tutorials_video_Vray_grass.rar and this maps

szergely83 wrote: Looks nice! 8_10

codycheck wrote: Where is *.mat

RUS_095 wrote: Super Matt!

jamesthiago2 wrote: re: _NO MAT FILE in ZIP_ There is no mat file. I was confused at first too, but it says the magic is in the displace.

JadeStudio wrote: aaa super :)

dmv007 wrote: NO MAT FILE in ZIP. Please Upload Again!!!

fedjahad wrote: greate work

voltron7 wrote: thank you! Nice grass

ariesr wrote: verry goooddd

killnet wrote: hehe very nice material i like it =)

unicoder11 wrote: nice

Levui wrote: in archive no mat file

artysmedia wrote: Very very good

3deeartist wrote: Good Maps of Grass :)

Banshee wrote: Made me laugh, looks like a weird green animal :D But very nice lawn nevertheless :D

gAzatron wrote: This is awesome!

CADinho wrote: Good Settings!

小耗子 wrote: 我喜欢! 很喜欢!

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