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Bath Towel

  Bath Towel by pims

Category Cloth
Date 2007-03-13 09:43:23
Rendertime 00:20:30
System Dual P4 3190 Mhz
Vray version 1.5rc3
3dsmax version 8
Comment This could be used for texturing towels, or carpets "water absorbant"...

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abo3tya wrote: THANKS SO MATSH

miha_kz wrote: nice!

yaliduc wrote: i love it!

kdsingh wrote: It's not showing anything in 3ds max, it's blank.

darkfreedom wrote: no file

nata5 wrote: no material

cuas69 wrote: good

wergax wrote: no material into the lib

angest wrote: MATERIAL is MISSING !!!

anchongasj wrote: the same thing - .mat file exists, but it is 0 KB, and no material in it, when opening in 3ds max

queenofsugar wrote: mat file empty

globomidia wrote: mat file has 0k empty

janithajcj wrote: :)

ankur.nischal wrote: no mat file inside

CREECHA wrote: Nice one pims!

Patrello wrote: sorry buddy but there's no .mat file :(

RodC wrote: xlnt pims

snaily wrote: doesnt work!!! 3d max 2009

kaung888 wrote: wuppy...exactly cooooll...

dead_lyric wrote: nothing in mat file!!!!

fwed650 wrote: Nothing inside!????

TiCo wrote: Nothing inside

Vandhaal wrote: look nice but how tio use it? 0 bytes in mat after download

h417451361 wrote: These materials provided by friends, thank you very much!

digosiv wrote: not open???

kelcaesar wrote: pink is my favorite color! - by aerosmith

maxvray wrote: Wow Nice Man

Zaduvalo wrote: .mat file is 0 byte

unprovoked wrote: Would not open in MAX 2008

susanmoses wrote: mat file does not open in Max 2008

damsd83 wrote: nothing in the archive ???

JHalton wrote: Material Invalid

fatin wrote: its cute but not towel mtl at all,but its vvgood.

julioux wrote: fake

van der vaart wrote: thank's thank;s coooooollllllll

imoba wrote: COOL

speedy wrote: thank you a lot

the maxy wrote: very nice and great .. thanks alot..

idiomwurkz wrote: ok

cryptocid wrote: not soft...plastic

folkensama wrote: great great, very funny!

3DCreator wrote: looks more like stucco or blueberry Icecream

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