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  Caviar by LevaLeva

Category Organic
Date 2006-11-02 19:30:49
Rendertime 00:25:00
System amd x2 4200+
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Procedural textures only!
Units in mm.
Scene scaled down 1:2.

Caviar rouge, caviar noir, eggplant caviar is absent :)
Bon appetit!

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capp wrote: @flatshader you CAN vote, you only have to upload a material, then you can vote ;-)

Banshee wrote: WOW !!! =)))) Great!

Marco wrote: Wohohooo :D

LevaLeva wrote: cellular makes miracle :)

OO7 wrote: good mat

capp wrote: nice, but very easy to make ;-)

capp wrote: ah, and by the way, who needs an caviar shader ? anyway, good work !!!

Dominik.Martinez wrote: good idea...

DfntPntbll wrote: fantastic job

fabrizio wrote: very nice...

lilstarfish wrote: Wow, really nice and lifelike =D

LevaLeva wrote: capp, who needs strawberry fields forever? :)

LevaLeva wrote: capp, who needs strawberry fields forever? :)

Thor wrote: LevaLeva супер!:) давай жги буржуев...

jinkyu lee wrote: good!!

kongbai wrote: good!!

airflow wrote: brilliant

emic wrote: not bad

bargoff wrote: wow

tigerlasse wrote: Very nice

whale7 wrote: ОО ПРЕВЕД! LevaLeva ОДИН РУССКИЙ ЧУВАК!

whale7 wrote: Кстати как качать материалы из категории Contest

adryancyc wrote: very good

LevaLeva wrote: никак не скачать. только после окончания конкурса открыты будут

WhiteCrow wrote: :)

babbage63 wrote: Great material

chenken wrote: good job

chenken wrote: good job

jinkyu lee wrote: good..

Rodia wrote: prikol

tiger_man wrote: nice

MASTER wrote: Так-то буржуи! Лёва зе бест!

3dsmax wrote: F-ing Nice

oil wrote: wow..nice

amer wrote: Best Mat so far!

Flatshader wrote: Hmmmmm nice but not THAT good in my opinion. ? If I could vote I´d give a 7 or 8.

Mini_Filip wrote: Very nice material! this will be very usefull for my kitchen presentations! i love simplicity of your material. ...more of these fancy stuff for jars... :) i give you 10 for this LevaLeva!

Smart wrote: Молодец! Very good!

RJohnny wrote: Лева, классная икра....аж есть захотелось....скоро Новый Год, скоро Новый Год :-)

RJohnny wrote: Лева, классная икра....аж есть захотелось....скоро Новый Год, скоро Новый Год :-)

Deaff wrote: Жги в том ж е духе, рви буржуев :)

MentalVray wrote: Cellular displacement, right?

Marco wrote: Some comment from LevaLeva - he had a problem with the comment-function:
------- SNIP ---------
A word from me :)
I agreed with 8 points from Capp, because his strawberry fruit is much harder to make then my caviar. To get 7 from Sildo... So, it's his decision. btw, it rather more than 0.
more renders, less bad words.

it is great that contest has been extended! i was out for three days and couldn't be in time. Soon will post some tasty :)
------- SNAP ---------

not_pb wrote: good!!!

s_cheh wrote: Лева молодец.Икорка и впрямь аппетитная. 10 баллов. :)

3Dfighter wrote: Лева, за идею и за исполнение держи 10 от меня!! :)) все твои материалы - просто улёт! мастер есть мастер :)

dedbanzai wrote: Блин, сорри, хотел 10 поинтов поставить. Лева рулез!!!

whale7 wrote: ЖЖОШЬ!!!!!!!

_Lightbulb_ wrote: 10€ for one egg... :o-) Nice material

Ivanez wrote: Лева молоток

denzo wrote: woow! i like it !

Oley wrote: good map... good idea...

joko wrote: very nice texture

jojo1975 wrote: I dont' know If I alreay commented but it's soooo cool :)

At2006 wrote: Funny material...:D nice !!!

JohnnyBeGood wrote: now that a great organic, good work levaleva

lglollo wrote: goodwork

artos69 wrote: pls check forum here

Own1221 wrote: I'm just wondering how do i use this material? when i render it it just comes as a even smooth block of orange.

kalatorul wrote: wanna eat it! :D

racacodi wrote: great material

ALTUS wrote: Good job

sanchog wrote: Very nice!!!

Pirog123 wrote: mmm... yummy!! =D

rfvlima wrote: you're a genius.....

primacad wrote: wow........ you did it!!!!!

enigmaenigma (BANNED) wrote: thanks for this material!!

Tomerk wrote: Very nice material,... yummy!!!

n00b wrote: Genius

fa-mo wrote: very nice mat

Sorabji wrote: Very Good!

demon_1987 wrote: impressive, deffo a 10.

vitalik989 wrote: FANTASTIC!!!!

blaze0007 wrote: GOOD !!!

anynobody wrote: Wow!!!! Super! P.S. Tenepb MO>II< KAMu ))

nova_onespirit wrote: I can't render this material properly even within Samplescene. Just yellow surface. No displacement!

bojanav wrote: pretty great!

spielbergsp wrote: hm, still can't get it working right. its a whole yellow mess. I use vraydisplacement, still a mess

spielbergsp wrote: hm, still can't get it working right. its a whole yellow mess. I use vraydisplacement, still a mess

lm80 wrote: неплохо

jk555 wrote: Супер!

greg6666 wrote: Круто!

mihaius wrote: very nice, I like it

ricg2005 wrote: I like it. but it will be better in green apple color.

qwarzart wrote: awesome job! keepit up that way!

Zaklinatel wrote: Вааааа, какой вкусный материал *_* Отлично))

alfajet wrote: oups ... I wanted to rate it 9 points of course !

josuka wrote: wow... is so good that scares me.. AWESOME MATERIAL WORK

remikie wrote: how do i use these materials in cinema 4d?

uturn wrote: cool

uturn wrote: remind eat sushi ;)

niwatori-sama wrote: Thank you !

meodenemr wrote: thank you, it looks very yummy

xav100 wrote: thanks

beresnevdima wrote: Good++++++

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