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  concentric_metal by viromust

Category Metal
Date 2006-10-06 11:37:13
Rendertime 00:30:00
System intel/dualP4 2.5 MHZ
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment please feal free to modify it and post you resault,hope you like it?

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Marco wrote: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Banshee wrote: Thanks a lot! Will certainly be useful!!

ronyhulu wrote: another map that make everyting more realistic. wow!! thanks

marcelo.perini wrote: nice material, and it´s very original. 10!!!

ipo wrote: great !!

TOM wrote: NICE mat

uniqueellie1 wrote: Amazing!

ApeiNe wrote: Pretty usefull (; Well realised (:

CADinho wrote: THX A LOT

Th3 ProphetMan wrote: wow man!

Songtham_d wrote: useful mat. THXSSSS

bask164 wrote: im reaaaaally sorry:((( i wanned to vote a 9 and my mouse scrolled onto 0! it was a mistake, can i take my vote back somehow?? :( sorry viromust, i really didnt mean to, i loved your material :(

dogol wrote: very good

sylvain wrote: very nice!

cyy wrote: Very Nice Thank you :D

capp wrote: looks pretty good !

3dsmax wrote: amazing

takashita wrote: Yeah I get that too, seems to be the scrolling that causes me to vote 0 most of the time unintentionally.

OO7 wrote: great job

hulpesergiu wrote: superbe

Gato08 wrote: Looks good!!!

dexy wrote: contemporary appearance!

logpass wrote: 1.5 RC2 - i can`t see this mat

cronem wrote: can´t find reflct map anisoflag.png!

deathcow wrote: i'd like to twist this to look like the anisotropic patterns in aluminum after CNC fine machining

chandni wrote: thanks a lottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

gonzalu wrote: Where is anisoflag.png? Love this material... superb!!

tiagrosa wrote: amazing!

simonerisaliti wrote: Great material viromust, thanks a lot

Rokazas wrote: messed up filenaming :/ but material is very shiny :)

bigbrother_kc wrote: i love this...thanks po a lot.

vbn wrote: Textures missing !!

huracanbackru wrote: TExt

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