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Meat Raw

  Meat Raw by K.F

Category Food
Date 2016-09-18 17:20:08
Rendertime 00:08:12
System i7 950
Vray version 3.4
3dsmax version 2015
Comment Seamless raw meat material. Done with Fast SSS 2 material.

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saifulgd wrote: very nice

rn83pc61 wrote: awesome

slowhand818 wrote: I always download the material before I rate it. I can't score it since the download does not contain the texture map, which is sort of the point.

K.F wrote: *Facepalm* Here is the texture:

K.F wrote: Scratch that, that is an old version, here is the final: Man this is becoming a mess.

slowhand818 wrote: Thanks for the map looks very good

Banshee wrote: You can upload a new material if you want or we replace the zip file.

Banshee wrote: or send a new zip file along with the link to your material to support[at] and nicely ask marco to replace it ;)

3DCreator wrote: What´s wrong with you guys? This does not look like meat / flesh at all.

veriemmanuel wrote: great!!!

manpilfer wrote: awesome

truongbaolam0209sin wrote: where can i find the texture ? thanks

ahmedhg wrote: thanks

awecos wrote: Its a nice one :) Somehow it looks more like a plastic meat to me:) I encourage improvement!

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