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MAX 2009 + Vray 1.5+, MAX 8 and
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Varnished procedural wood

  Varnished procedural wood by

Category Wood
Date 2009-01-27 11:38:42
Rendertime 00:05:34
System C2D T7200 2Ghz | 2GB RAM
Vray version 1.5 SP2
3dsmax version 2009
Comment Hi all... I have created a procedural wood and I wanted to share this with you... Change the direction in the coordinates menu...

Color can easily changeable with the Output maps...

Enjoy... =)

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odarp wrote: Nagyon szép anyagokat csináltál. wrote: Igyekszem proceduralokat készíteni, mert 2GB memóba nem mindíg férnek bele a scene-ek amiket készítek... =) A machined steel jól lett... grat hozzá... =)

crozline wrote: nice..^^

S3mPROn93 wrote: nice :)

johaannn wrote: well done! wrote: Thx for the points... It's very nice that all of u like it... :)

firstrunnerup wrote: thanks

huylien wrote: Thanks

Alex1point wrote: very nice, thanks.

biernis wrote: Good!

superbloede wrote: great post

PunkGuy wrote: Great material!

hb_chong wrote: very usefull.thk!

abdodarwesh wrote: thanks alot

voverrr wrote: прикольно! качать отсюда!

voverrr wrote: прикольно! качать отсюда!

panos009 wrote: very good work...!.!.!

DarDesign wrote: Tkanks ! great material !fain ;)

sahadowsvava wrote: suuperb

slan_ru wrote: Ну ваще!!!

netman333 wrote: Gr8 Job! thanks u

sabuntozu wrote: thanks ..

jafarka wrote: Tkanks ! great material

surendran wrote: thanks

luquent wrote: thankkkkks

estamas wrote: Great material, i use it for my new work and i love it! hun: Nagyon jó material, ügyesen össze lett rakva.

nataliecaterine wrote: What I need :)

Rokazas wrote: Now this is what i call The Material

ericoco wrote: looks great

michael diaz wrote: aa

julianno4ka wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

mimie wrote: THANKS! :)

claudia_soles wrote: Thanks

johnnyzzz wrote: It looks nice on tha tpicture, but I'm not getting the same result when i render it, no reflections, nothing, even in sample scene...

Markcnc wrote: Nice

mohi.lauri wrote: j wrote: Thanks for the votes... If your are not getting the same result as here, then your doing something wrong... Probably the sizes are not the same as on the test scene, so try changing the size parameters on the different nodes...

tinktonk wrote: The only procedural wood here on vray-mats, this one is a very useful and nice looking and it's a 3d map!!!

proexcel wrote: nice pattern

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