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Blue pool water

  Blue pool water by espint

Category Liquid
Date 2007-03-12 19:27:38
Rendertime 00:28:50
System Xeon x 2 - 3Gh 2 Gb RAM
Vray version 1.5 RC3
3dsmax version 9.0
Comment Architectural pool water

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klepa wrote: Truly it's done nicely. Thanx!

wawiura wrote: 7 points

digo5150 wrote: Excellent work!

itg wrote: !

vraymatias wrote: vry good!

roberts wrote: Very nice

viclop wrote: Esta super el material le doy un nueve

cowartcefrine wrote: great

Tatiana wrote: Perfection! Thank you espint!

Tatiana wrote: Perfection! Thank you espint!

KauSs wrote: GooD =)

chandni wrote: coollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

arkosakti wrote: I need some water material for my renderings...this blue pool water material can be very helpful...thanks

Kadiz wrote: Thanks a lot. It's nice

raidensp wrote: great xDD nice job ur good Oo' thx a lot ^^

raidensp wrote: great xDD nice job ur good Oo' thx a lot ^^

tresco wrote: This is just as simple as can be and though as perfect as can be. Warm Congratulations !!

harshal_rane119 wrote: 10 points

gatsby wrote: very coooool!!!


valy-k2 wrote: looks real:::well done

vitalik989 wrote: PIZDATO!

boyd wrote: cool n clear !!!

boyd wrote: cool n clear !!!

rageouz wrote: Looks cool, thanx a lot

dzaero wrote: awesome

artitaya wrote: thank

vedolino wrote: What UW size do you set for the plane (representing the water) that you texture with this material? I am asking because of the Noise bump map.

hellotabasco wrote: by far the best one of the water collection

leoarchi wrote: thanks very much

PARANYOO wrote: cool water

reem kadry wrote: thanks

huynhnea wrote: Thanks a lot

Polumenol wrote: perfect 10/10 !

mickespiritu wrote: Thank you! ;)

kazo wrote: great

samuelura700 wrote: cool

melabrague wrote: thanks

krzysisz wrote: thx mate. nice job with this mat here. wtg

alihhss13 wrote: tx

giovannaeffe wrote: thank you!!

jjarch91 wrote: Thank you

Silvanus.andi wrote: great

mayconlan_2 wrote: tks

factorzico wrote: good

huynhvanthang wrote: thank you

Moraes wrote: Show

alexisdiers wrote: thanks

ar.ahmed.elsayed wrote: Thanks

Tapestry1 wrote: Gorgeous - I've been looking for this for a while Thank You!

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